Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 15, 2010

Mobilizing Women

Kingsland’s women are making a difference in addressing issues of justice, poverty, and the welfare of women and children at home and abroad. Kingsland member Kara Potts has a passion for getting women involved in Bible study and for mobilizing women to meet needs. Here is a look at how God has led Kara to mobilize women to make a difference.

Kara teaching in Uganda.

OG | When did you first develop an interest in encouraging women to get involved in studying the Bible in small groups?

KP | While attending college I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to start a Bible study in my apartment. I asked a few friends to join me and we launched into Kay Arthur’s “Lord, Where Are You When Bad Things Happen?” — a study of the book of Habakkuk. Although I was raised in church and active in our youth group, this was my first inductive bible study and I was hooked! Studying God’s Word was a rich experience that drew our small group of friends closer to each other and closer to God.

After graduation, my husband Dave and I moved seven times in the next six years. I missed having Bible study with friends and got involved in a women’s Bible study in Kansas City and loved it! In 2003, after moving again, the Lord prompted me to start a Bible study in my home. I asked seven friends and all of them said yes! Since that time, I have desired to use the gifts and the friendships that God has given me to encourage women to study God’s Word and to join Him where is already working.

OG | How have you personally encouraged women to go beyond the mere study of the Word to the practical application of the Word?

KP | Five years ago I began leading Bible study at Kingsland and through this experience developed many friendships. Through these friendships, God has led me to connect those in need with those willing to serve.

OG | How did you get women willing to help connected with women in need?

KP | I met a woman named Alison in a Bible study. The Lord prompted me to encourage my Bible study group to minister to Allison. We provided groceries, others helped move Allison and her eight children into a new apartment, and my neighbors helped to furnish her apartment. It was an unbelievable Matthew 25:34-40 kind of experience. Through this experience God began to show me how to move from the mere study of His Word to the practical application of His Word. It is here that I found an unspeakable joy!

OG | How did God change your understanding of what He expects of you as a member of the local church?

KP | God patiently taught me that the church must equip believers for the work of ministry and that it is the job of equipped believers to take Jesus to the world. What a revolutionary idea! I can’t rely on Kingsland Baptist Church to reach my lost friends and neighbors. I must ask the Lord to send me and then be faithful when He calls. Bob Pierce, the president of World Vision, made a statement that will never leave me – “Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God”. I asked the Lord to make this the cry of my heart and He has faithfully led me on an adventure that I only hope has just begun.

OG | You have traveled on two of our international teams. How did your trip to Morocco, a restricted country, impact your life?

KP | In Morocco I saw the inequality of opportunities for women and pondered how I could help. How could I use my love of women and my gifts and energy to make a difference for others? I read the book “Half the Sky” and realized that there were issues that resulted in the deaths of thousands of women and children that I did not even know existed! I felt a godly call to action and prayed and waited for the Lord to give direction to my passion.

OG | On our trip to Uganda you had an opportunity to be involved in speaking to a number of small groups around the country. How did this trip impact your life?

KP | This trip of a lifetime opened my eyes to the issues of justice and the need for safe-houses for hurting women and continued support for organizations that serve on the front lines of saving lives. I also saw the need for teaching on the sanctity of life. Teaching this foundational truth to church leaders and seeing understanding flood their tear-filled eyes was incredible! We must be messengers of truth to those who have not heard!

OG | How did God speak to you after visiting the safe-house in Uganda?

KP | I knew I needed to get involved in the fight for justice. I joined Kingsland’s Justice Team and began to meditate on Micah 6. God requires of me to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with my God. I asked God how this might play out in my life and He has been faithful to give me opportunities to live out the message of this verse. I continue to pray for my heart to break with the things that break the heart of God. Dave and I give to Kiva to help women in developing countries start small businesses to change their lives. As I seek the Lord’s guidance to plan upcoming Bible studies I pray that we meet the needs of all women – new Christians in need of discipleship and mature Christians who need prompting to get out and serve!

Potts kids at local project.

OG | As a Mom, what are some practical things you are doing to equip the next generation?

KP | I asked the Lord to give me eyes to see needs in my community and wisdom to know how to meet those needs. An easy way to meet the need of hunger in Katy was to get my kids and my neighborhood involved with Katy Christian Ministries food pantry. We sent out an email to our neighborhood explaining the ministry of the food bank, the need to help the hungry in our community, and what they could do to help. We asked our neighbors to put a bag of non-perishable foods on their porch and my kids and I collected and delivered the bags to KCM. We do this quarterly. And now, other neighbors and taking a turn and letting their kids do the collecting.

OG | What are your hopes for the coming year in regard to reaching out to other women in our community?

KP | I am asking the Lord daily to show me what I need to get involved in and what I need to allow others to do. I need Him to guide me and I need to be faithful when He calls. I don’t look too far in front of me, but so far the ride has been fun-filled and rewarding! Who knows what He has planned next, but I know I want to be part of what He is doing in my small part of the world and abroad.


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