Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 31, 2010

Ordinary Servants

One thing that I enjoy most about traveling to so many places around the planet is the opportunity to meet people — ordinary people who are making a difference in their respective communities. Communities are made better or worse by the people who live in them. When people fail to care about their neighbors or to address corrupting influences or to meet the practical needs of those closest to them, then they unwittingly contribute to the deterioration of their respective communities. However, when even one ordinary person has the vision and courage and selfless determination to do something to help, then things begin to change for the better.

In March of this year I returned to Kampala, Uganda. While there I had the opportunity to visit my friend Robert Nabulere, pastor of Miracle Center Kawempe — my home church in Kampala. Miracle Center Church is located in one of the poorest and most densely populated communities in Kampala. Pastor Robert is no stranger to poverty. He grew up in a poor family and did not own his first pair of shoes until he was fourteen year old. He worked hard to get his education and was the beneficiary of the kindness of the Christian Children’s Fund — an international aid organization that paid his school fees. Pastor Robert has never forgotten his humble beginnings and the difference the kindness of others made in his life. He cares deeply for the people of his community, especially the children.

A few years ago, Robert and his wife Rose acted on a vision to provide quality education for poor kids and kids whose parents are HIV-positive or have AIDS. These are kids who otherwise would not have the opportunity to get an education. So, Pastor Robert and Rose started the Miracle Destiny School with little more than a vision and a whole lot of faith. While visiting this school in March, Robert took me to the home of a single mom whose two kids attend Miracle Destiny School. This mom is HIV-positive, lives with her two kids in a home that is roughly 100 square-feet, and earns about $2.00 per day. Pastor Robert and Rose and Miracle Center Church have given this young mother, and many more like her, hope for the future. They are making a difference in their community one child at a time.

Pastor Robert visited our community this past weekend. While in the States he wanted to visit Kingsland and to express his gratitude for the support we have given him and Miracle Destiny School. My friends Craig and Tonya LaTorre, who are in the process of adopting a child from Uganda, hosted Pastor Robert. We enjoyed an inspirational weekend and wonderful fellowship around the LaTorre family table. Pastor Robert will return to his own community in a few more days, refreshed by the love and kindness of the people of Kingsland. And, those of us who were privileged to spend time with Robert are more determined than ever to continue making our own community a better place by loving and serving others. Robert reminded us that God uses ordinary servants who love others to make the places where we live better for everyone.


  1. Pastor Omar, we are privileged to know you!
    Thank you for the honor of writing about us on your blog!
    Many thanks to the Kingsland family for all the support towards the work of God here in Kawempe.
    Thank you for all your kindness to Robert when he was with you in TX.
    We are grateful to God for the opportunity to serve Him.
    Robert & Rose Nabulere

    • Robert and Rose,

      We love you and thank God for all that you are doing to advance His kingdom and serve His purposes among the wonderful people of Uganda. We are grateful for our partnership in the gospel.


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