Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 30, 2009

In Local Homes

   29 April 2009 | Kashmir

   Our movement today was somewhat restricted by an unexpected “hartal” (a government-ordered strike and curfew). Shops were closed and public transportation was restricted throughout the day. This is just one of the many things that those who live in inconvenient places have to deal with. So, we modified our plans and had some wonderful experiences in local homes as a result.

Open Arms | We spent the morning with a remarkable couple whose expressions and conversation clearly revealed an intimate walk with God. The husband is a Christian from a Muslim-background married to a woman from a Christian family. Soon after they were married, this couple developed a concern about the plight of unwanted babies in Kashmir. They consequently sensed God leading them to work at an orphanage run by a Christian organization. However, soon afterward, the government closed the orphanage, claiming that the organization did not have the proper paperwork on file. Undaunted, this young couple found another way to care for unwanted babies. They decided to personally adopt these children and raise them as their own. Over the past few years they have adopted seven children and have had one more of their own. Their children range in age from ten months to seven years-old.

dsc_0260Raising nine little children is not easy. But, as soon as all of these children are in school, they plan to adopt more babies. This couple supports their growing family by making chain-stitch wall-hangings, carpets, and other items. They operate with the utmost integrity. We purchased several items from them to help with their support and I left an extra gift from Kingsland, telling them that what they are doing is something that our church family values. I shared with them that we are committed to loving God, loving people, and equipping the generations and have made a commitment to encourage our members to adopt and to raise their children to love God. So, I am thankful that the unexpected hartal altered our plans and directed us into the home of this sweet couple. I later met with our host to talk about how we can stay connected with this couple through the coming years. More on that to come!

Outstretched Hands | We concluded the day in a house church where those who serve here meet for worship once a week. I loved the intensity of their worship as they sang with outstretched hands reaching heavenward. One of the men played his guitar while one of his very young sons accompanied on a violin and the other played a small drum. The singing was interspersed with prayer and Scripture reading. I had the privilege of sharing a message from the Scripture. We concluded by dividing up into men’s and women’s prayer groups and enjoyed an intense and intimate time of prayer. One gentleman from Finland who has served in difficult and inconvenient places throughout the 10/40 Window thanked us for our presence. “You have refreshed us,” he said. Lee, Kelly, and I feel that we are the ones who have been refreshed by our new friends. Their love for God and determination to make Him known have blessed and inspired us.

The hartal continues through tomorrow. But, that’s ok. I know that God will once again direct our steps as we continue our journey in Kashmir.

• • • • •

Note | For more on Kashmir, please read Kelly Isenberger’s blog.


  1. How look good a group of children!

    thanks a lot, those who taking care for those babies.

    Jesus Him self, loved the children. He said ” let the chilren come to me”

    Matt.19: 13-14, Mark 10: 13-16, Luke 18: 15-17.

    thanks once again.


  2. To be so intuned with the Holy Spirit that He directs your path is phenomenal. What the enemy intended with the shutting down of transportation has been overshadowed with good. This meeting with this couple with 9 children was a divine appointment. Praying for you guys! Tell Kelly I am praying for her.

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