Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 11, 2009

No Limits

   My friend Roy Lowe is a pretty amazing individual. His son Jay introduced me to him in 2003. Jay asked me if his dad could join us on an upcoming trip down the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh. I hesitated to say yes because Roy was almost eighty years-old and because of the rugged nature of the trip. However, I finally agreed and am glad that I did. Neither Roy’s age nor the physical challenges of the trip slowed him down. Roy passionately shared the gospel with hundreds of people who live along the river. Hassan, one of our Muslim boat crew, was impressed by Roy’s love for his people. This young man later placed his faith in Christ and now works with a small group of believers in a village along the river.

   Roy’s eagerness to share the gospel is also evident when he is home. This retired octogenarian walks the neighborhoods of his community and knocks on thousands of doors annually. His only purpose: to tell others how wonderful Jesus is. You may not be a big fan of door-to-door cold calls but you have to admire Roy. He’s a big fan of Jesus and that’s what motivates him to make thousands of cold calls. I have learned that Roy doesn’t know the meaning of the word limits. Roy’s energetic determination to share Jesus with others is both inspiring and convicting. His example challenges me to speak passionately and often about Jesus. Here is what “No Limits” means to my friend Roy.

N = Neglect | Roy learned a lot about discipline in the Marine Corp. He has no problem neglecting personal comforts and conveniences in order to hit the streets day after day. A.W. Tozer observed that “every advance that we make for God and for His cause must be made at our inconvenience.” He was right.

O = Obstacles | Never allow obstacles to discourage you. Roy is not a postal carrier but he certainly lives up to their oath: “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

L = Look
| Roy doesn’t wait for opportunities to tell others about Jesus, he looks for them. He is gripped by an urgency that will not allow him to remain silent. He understands the eternal implications of saying nothing (Ephesians 6:19).

I = Inspire | Roy inspires others by his Christ-like example. He does not want to confuse those who are seeking Christ or become a stumbling block to those who know Him (Psalm 69:6). The young Muslim man on our boat watched every move Roy made. Roy’s example made him thirst for the gospel.

M = Model | Roy models the values embodied in Jesus’ life and teaching. For example, Jesus modeled the value of humble service by washing the feet of His disciples (John 13:1-20). You can’t wash everybody’s feet but you can demonstrate a foot-washing attitude by finding creative and practical ways to humbly serve others.

I = Initiate | Roy takes the first step toward others. If he sees a need he looks for a way to fill it. Mother Teresa said that we should look for Jesus in His distressing disguise and then do for that individual what Jesus would do (Matthew 25:35-40). Hassan watched Roy take the first steps to love and encourage those in need along the river. This made an impression on him.

T = Talk | Roy focuses on telling others about Jesus. Ray Stedman said, “These early Christians never witnessed about the church at all; they witnessed about the Lord — what He could do, how He would work, what a fantastic person He was, how amazing His power was, and what He could do in human hearts” (Ray Stedman, “Acts 1-12: Birth of the Body,” p. 21).

S = Seek | Jesus said, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost” (Luke 19:10). To seek means to go in search or quest of. Often, that means going beyond, stepping across the line that divides the familiar from the unknown. Roy is determined to step across that line daily. He is a man who knows no limits.

• • • • •

PS | Roy’s son, Jay Lowe, has written an excellent course entitled Witnessing Made Easy. Visit his website to learn more. And, read about Jay in my post entitled Squeaky Chariot Wheels.


  1. Omar,

    You remind me the 6 years back! I went there to join as a translator. In fact not only translator but an evangelist too.

    So that, I remembered Roy & his son Jay. How are their doing? Hope their doing well in the name of Jesus.

    As my investigations later, I heard that, boat man be come believer earliest after the trip. Hasan, young man moved to another place to study’s the college. These are also long times ago, several years.

    I have been encouraged a lot at that times through Roy’s life. I was 30 years old that time, But, Roy done much better than I have did.

    Many years I will remember that boat pushing’s. There was less water than large boat.

    I am still keep saying that. You have bought your little red bag. It was stolen from the boat. You have bought the things that already yours.

    Jesus bought us through His sacrificed, even we are His Creations.

    It was great evangelisms week at River of ‘Brahmaputra’ Bangladesh.

    Please give my Greetings to them.


  2. Mortuza…

    I will never forget our many days on the boat as we traveled down the Brahmaputra River. Your help was very important to our team on that trip. Perhaps soon I will write a post about the night my red bag was stolen from our boat and how God used that experience to open many doors for us to share His good news.


  3. Omar,

    I am so glad you wrote about Roy. He is truly a remarkable man. I remember when you told me that he was coming on the trip with us, I thought you were crazy to bring a man his age on a trip like that. Looking back, I can’t imagine the trip without him.

    One of the things that I remember most of Roy is that Jesus just oozed out of him. His compassion for people and his strong desire to tell everyone he meets about Jesus is a lesson to all of us.

    I remember that trip being so rough and as I think back I think Roy’s “True Grit” is what kept us going when inside we wanted to go find the most comfortable hotel and relax. I remember saying to myself several times that “I can’t let that old man show me up.” He truly inspired me to keep going and to tell everyone I encountered about Jesus.

    If and when I grow up I want to be just like Roy.


  4. Roy or as our family calls him Papa is such an incredible man. Every time I go to visit Papa I can’t help but pick his brain on certain scriptures in the Bible. Papa knows his Bible very well and as Omar already pointed out he shares what God has taught him without limits.

    Jay my father in law is a one of a kind as well. Jay and Papa are two of the biggest influences in my life as a Christian. The impact that they make in their family, in their church, and in their community is beyond the ablity to measure. Thank you Omar for telling people about my wonderful Godly father in law and Grandpa.

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