Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 27, 2020

I Am Weary of Masks

Like so many others, I am longing for the day when the Coronavirus season is behind us and we are no longer required to wear masks and gloves. That day will come. In the meantime, I will continue to wear my PPE and err on the side of caution. I also believe that a little humor does the heart good, so I had to write a little poem about this season of wearing masks.

Zorro wore a mask
The Lone Ranger, too
Their real identities
Nobody knew

They battled and fought
With swashbuckling flair
With a Hi Ho Silver
Echoing through the air

They tirelessly fought
Against foes that were strong
They defeated them all
And righted their wrongs

But at the end of the day
When their work was complete
Did they take off their masks
When they sat down to eat?

Or did they wear them to sleep
All through the night
In case they had to wake up
To resume the fight

I don’t know the answers
I don’t have a clue
But my personal mask
Feels like it’s stuck on with glue

I am weary of wearing it
Day in and day out
I want to rip it off
With a joyful shout

But alas for today
And also tomorrow
I will wear my mask
And hide my frustration and sorrow

And long for the day
When all masks melt away
And I can sip through a straw
Without a mask in the way

Note: Humor aside, please exercise caution and be careful out there!


  1. That is so rich brother!

    Pray you and your family are all well!


    > >

    • We are all well, Lewis. Regards to the family.

  2. Love this!!!! 😂

  3. Well done!

    Chip Smith



  4. This gave me a good belly laugh!!

  5. Nice, Very good, O.

    Gilpen Gray

  6. Back in the day Omar, back in the day…

    • Yes, I remember back in the day… yesteryear!

  7. First of all I loved all of those masked people growing up. Thanks so much for bringing laughter into this. Great job O!!!

  8. Love this, Omar. May I reprint it in my local writers group newsletter?

    • Thanks, Mary. Yes, please feel free to reprint and share. 🙂

  9. This is too cute and oh so true.

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