Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 6, 2017

Reaching All Peoples

God’s concern for all peoples, or people groups, is evident throughout the biblical narrative. The last command of Jesus to His followers was to make disciples of “panta ta ethne” or all peoples. Jesus’ plan was simple. His kingdom would grow at the speed of one transformed life reaching another.

The last command of Christ has not been repealed. There are still thousands of people groups waiting to hear the good news about Jesus. Many of these peoples live in places that are difficult to reach. The hard reality is that many people have yet to hear the gospel because they happened to be born in tough geographical, ideological, and political contexts.

John R. Mott, a leader of the Student Volunteer Movement at the turn of the twentieth century, was gripped by the urgency of the last command of Christ. In a speech that he gave in April 1901, Mott told his audience that we owe Christ to all people. “To have a knowledge of Christ,” Mott said, “is to incur a tremendous responsibility to those that have it not.”

Unless we understand that the gospel concerns all peoples, we will likely never feel the weight of our obligation to the nations. Mott reminded his audience, “You and I have received this great heritage, not to appropriate it to our exclusive use, but to pass it on to others.” Withholding the gospel from others has eternal ramifications.

When considering our debt to all peoples, we must think and act strategically. Today, more than 6,600 people groups are still waiting to hear the good news. And yet, we have the resources and the capability to take the gospel to all peoples.

In Mott’s words, “God forbid that we should lack vision in these days to take advantage of the tide that is rising to sweep multitudes into the all-embracing kingdom of Jesus Christ.” May we be dominated by the conviction that we must stop at nothing until we have paid our debt, until we have fulfilled the last command of Jesus to take the good news to all peoples.

If you are a Kingsland member, watch your mailbox for the arrival of our 2018 missions publication entitled Reaching All Peoples. This beautiful publication highlights the fourteen people groups that our missions ministry has adopted and explains why we go to these particular groups.

I am especially grateful for Heidi Doe for her creative work in laying out the publication, to Jessica Sowell, my missions intern, and for Kingsland member Becky Finnegan. These ladies helped with every aspect of this publication.

As you read the profiles of each of the people groups with which we are currently engaged, please pray for these peoples and for our initiatives among them to fulfill the last command of Jesus. May we not rest until we have reached all peoples with the good news of Jesus Christ.


  1. Preach it my friend! And keep doing it!

    • Will do, Kurt. Grateful for your friendship and partnership in the gospel.

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