Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 15, 2015

To Our Sons

I love adventure. Over the years I have been privileged to experience some of the most amazing adventures all around the globe. My shortlist includes completing the Texas Water Safari with my son, crossing the Gobi by rail, biking through the jungles of Angkor, hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas, floating above Cambodia in a hot air balloon, backpacking the Lone Star Hiking Trail, venturing for days down a trans-Himalayan river, and more.

Cambodia Bike Team
While these adventures are all really cool, I believe that fatherhood is the greatest adventure of all. There is no question about the fact that I have lost my bearings more than once as a father — times when my life was way out of balance. And, I have made more than my share of parenting mistakes. Even so, I have tried to learn from every failure and to take intentional steps toward becoming a better Dad.

That’s why I enjoy meeting with my Band of Fathers core group. Our group is dedicated to building strong bonds between fathers and sons by means of shared study, shared mission, and shared adventure. We all believe that fatherhood is the greatest adventure of all and we are committed to making greater strides toward becoming champions to our sons and our families.

Over the past year, our group has spent time in study and in prayer for one another and for our boys. We have benefited from guest speakers — others dads who have shared their personal stories with us. We have also participated in a couple of local shared mission initiatives to help others in need. Most recently we ventured to the Guadalupe Mountains for a cold-weather adventure with our boys.

To Our Sons Cover
As we come to the end of this year, our group has compiled a book dedicated to our sons. Our goal was to each contribute two or three bits of practical and spiritual wisdom that each of us have respectively shared with our sons over the years. Each of us also included a couple of our favorite father and son pics. We will present these books to our sons at Christmas. We pray that these lessons for the wild adventure called life will be a blessing to our boys.

To Our Sons Page
We live in a day when it’s easy to adventure vicariously through reality television shows about folks who live off the grid. I confess that I enjoy watching these programs that feature rugged individuals trying to survive in some of the planet’s most hostile environments. But, our greatest adventure will never be watching reality television or even biking through the jungles of Angkor. Our greatest adventure should be raising our kids to love and serve God and to enjoy life in a way that pleases Him.

I am thankful for my Band of Fathers — brothers united in the cause of becoming better dads. We look forward to sharing our practical lessons for the wild adventure called life with our sons. And we look forward to how God will continue to grow and guide us to become better dads in the coming year.


  1. This might be my favorite blog post ever! It moved me! Will others have the ability to possible purchase this book? Although I know they are personal notes from dad to son – I am certain these messages can be used by many…myself included.

    • Thanks, Brad. We designed the book on Shutterfly and can reorder copies at any time. Really enjoyed putting this together and reading the quotes from dads to their sons.

  2. That paragraph…..”While these adventures are all really cool…” says it all. Wow, the greatest adventure, lost my bearings, life out of balance, parenting mistakes, learning from every failure. Thanks Omar for your honesty, transparency, and fearlessness to lead us and your band of fathers. I hope every man of Kingsland reads this.

    • Thanks, Gil. I am indeed on a wild and great adventure.

  3. Thanks so much for taking this initiative Omar. I’m really looking forward to seeing the book.

    • I have enjoyed our time together in our core group, Matt. Thanks for your faithfulness.

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