Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 12, 2014

A More Friender Friend

I often tell kids at Kingsland that they don’t have to wait until they are all grown up to make a difference in the world. They just have to care and then be willing to do something to help others.

Our missions ministry takes seriously that part of Kingsland’s purpose statement that says we are committed to equipping the next generation one home at a time. We want to do our part to help raise a generation of kids who love God and love people — who understand the importance of not merely looking out for their own personal interests, but for the interests of others as well.

Last year, I had the privilege of meeting Reid Pierson, the grandson of Kingsland members Jack and Marti Pierson. Reid attended our Vacation Bible School while he was in town to visit his grandparents. At VBS, Reid learned about what life is like for the Zabbaleen, Cairo’s garbage people. Our kids raised almost fifteen-thousand dollars during VBS to help build a school for the Zabbaleen.

Reid was especially moved by the plight of the Zabbaleen kids and stopped by my office to talk with me about his concerns and to ask questions about how he could help them. I saw Reid again a few weeks ago when he was visiting his grandparents. He once again gave some of his own money to help the Zabbaleen.

This past weekend, Jack and Marti traveled to north Texas to visit with Reid and his family. They gave Reid a copy of a story about me that was featured in last week’s Katy section of the Houston Chronicle. Reid then decided to produce a video message about our Vacation Bible School. Marti sent me the video this morning. I am so proud of Reid and his continuing concern for helping kids who are less fortunate and living in difficult places.

I thought you might enjoy Reid’s video, a great reminder of how God can touch the heart of a child to want to help less-fortunate kids in other nations. I am especially blessed to be called “a more friender friend” by Reid. I can think of no greater honor or privilege than to equip the generations to love God and love people and to be known as a friend of kids like Reid.


  1. Perfect!!

    • Yeah. Pretty cool stuff. I love it when God uses kids to surprise us with a blessing.

  2. He just might be the next Pastor Omar 🙂

    • I think this young man will likely become a pastor or missionary.

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