Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | February 20, 2014

Another Step Closer

Valle Nuevo, El Salvador

Today we are another step closer to the completion of the water well for the people of the little mountain village of Valle Nuevo. After drilling to a depth of almost 200-feet, we hit an abundant source of clean water. We spent most of the morning developing the well — pumping air into the hole to blow out the dirt and mud. The shower of water into the air created quite a buzz and lots of questions. Everyone was interested in knowing if the water is good and if it will last. These are important questions to people who have been waiting in expectation for a reliable source of water.

As soon as we moved the drill rig, the men of the village sprang into action. Their responsibility was to pour the concrete pad around the well housing. They wasted no time in nailing the form and preparing the pad with big rocks that act as filler and rebar. They mixed cement on the ground and ladled it by the shovel-full into the form. These men worked non-stop until the task was done. This water well is an answer to their prayers and they all wanted to play a part in completing the task.

Nailing the Form
Preparing the Form
Mixing Cement
Jim Coleman set the dedication plaque into the pad. Our missions ministry funds the wells that we drill in Central America. However, this particular well was funded by the students at Faith West Academy where so many Kingsland kids attend school. The dedication plaque will serve as a reminder that students from Faith West gave this special gift to the children and families who call Valle Nuevo home.

Jim w Plaque
We will complete the well in the morning and then dedicate and present it to the people of Valle Nuevo. There is lots of excitement in the air as people anticipate the completion of the well. This water well will indeed be a huge blessing to this village. Our team is humbled by the thought that God allowed us to be the answer to the prayers of these wonderful people. We trust that this generation and the next will benefit from and enjoy the water that flows from this well.


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