Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 21, 2013

We Are Thankful

For years I have made it a practice to write personal, hand-written thank you notes every week. I believe that expressing gratitude to others is one of the best ways to stay grounded in life. There is probably no better reminder that our successes are linked to others who assisted, prayed, encouraged, counseled, or cooperated with us. Writing thank you notes reminds me of how blessed I am and that I am the beneficiary of the gracious love and support of others.

I not only like writing notes to express my gratitude or to encourage others, I also like receiving these kinds of notes. I keep every note of encouragement that I receive in a desk drawer. When the drawer is full, I archive the notes in a box and file them away, but I will not throw the notes away. These boxes stuffed with encouraging words are the ones I will want to take with me to the nursing home.

photo 2
This morning, I added another note to my special treasury. Two sweet little girls named Abigail and Madison stopped by the church with their mom, Tiffany. They visited our offices and gave each of us a note that reads, “We Are Thankful For You And All You Do.” It seems like such a little thing — a handmade card delivered by two sisters. In reality, however, this simple act of kindness is a big thing.

Thank you notes do not write themselves, someone has to make an effort to write them. Abigail and Madison took the time to cut out the construction paper they used for their notes, they pasted little frilly things on the paper, and then they personally delivered their notes of encouragement to us. As I walked in to my office holding their sweet little card, I noticed a paperweight that I keep on my desk inscribed with this message: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Thank you Abigail and Madison, for taking the time to do something kind for your pastors and staff at church. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and we are thankful for you!


  1. I know what you mean, Omar. I have kept such notes from adults and children alike over the years. I call them ‘treasures’. P.S. We are very grateful for you and the rest of our wonderful staff!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Pam. Notes of thanks and encouragement are indeed treasures. I want to keep these treasures that come my way and to give these treasures to others as well.

  2. I would like to thank you, Omar, for the footprints you left in my life. I’ll never forget your devotional about being an “under-rower” when we were in Mongolia. If ever anyone could be called an “encourager”, it would be you.

    Thank you also for the kind encouragement you have given these two little girls. They’ll never forget your generous, gracious response to their sweet deed, and it will surely encourage them to be life-long “thank you” people.

    • Thanks a million for your very kind words, Lanni. You have encouraged me with your thoughtful comment.

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