Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | October 24, 2013

One More Day To Go

A little more than two months ago, I began to sense God prompting me to enter into a period of praying and fasting for our church — more specifically, a season during which to examine my own spiritual health. As I prayed about what I was sensing in my heart, God finally convicted me that I should pray and fast for forty days but that I should not do this alone. Thus the call to corporate prayer and fasting.

Once I was convinced about the length and purpose of the fast, God laid forty daily prayer emphases on my heart. These daily prayer points have helped me to be more intentional in my prayers and in examining my own life. For the past thirty-nine days I have spent lots of time on my knees, seeking to get every area of my life in greater alignment with God’s purposes.

Over the past weeks, several people have asked me about the hunger part of the fasting experience. Dealing with the hunger has actually been the easiest part for me. Having previously fasted for extended periods, I knew that I would be fine after about three days. Those first three days, however, are a bit tough as you adjust to not eating and snacking.

The harder part of this experience for me has been examining my own life. I have spent almost all of my meal times during these days in solitude with God, allowing Him to search the recesses of my heart. I have not always been happy with what He revealed to me and I have had more than a few emotional lows. But I have allowed God to scrub hard and to sweep out anything that doesn’t belong in my heart.

Bible Fasting
Today is day thirty-nine of my fast. One more day to go. In many ways, I am sad to see this season come to an end because I have enjoyed a deeper intimacy with God. And although it has been tough, it has been good for me. I feel like I have been in a spiritual detox of sorts in which God has stripped away lots of harmful gunk from my life. I desperately want to do all that I can to develop even greater intimacy with God as I move forward.

So, one more day to go. I feel like a kid who has enjoyed a meaningful time at camp and must now get on the bus and go home. But like the kid at camp, I feel like I am going home a much better person in many ways. I am so far from perfect that I can’t even see it from where I stand, but God is pointing me in the right direction. And with His help, I am determined to be better and do better as I continue on my journey with Christ.

Thanks to each of you who have participated in this prayer and fasting initiative for our church and for your own spiritual health. And thanks to those of you who have encouraged me along the way.

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