Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 22, 2013

The Joy of Serving

Caring for the elderly and widows is one of the hallmarks of Kingsland’s missions ministry. Over the years we have assisted widows in need from Katy all the way to Houston’s inner-city wards. When our partners at Generation One alerted us about an elderly widow whose porch was in disrepair and who had slipped more than once, we agreed to do something to help. This morning, some of our college students joined us as we ventured into the Third Ward to rebuild the porch, paint, and do some landscaping at the home of this elderly widow. Jon Davis, our missions associate, and I had a great time working alongside our team of volunteers.

College Team
Serving others is not without its hazards. Some of our landscaping crew had a close encounter with poison ivy. No matter. Our team continued working until the work was completed. Our elderly widow lady was thrilled to see her new porch and the new bed of flowers that we had planted in her front yard. She was overflowing with gratitude because she could never have afforded to pay someone to do all of these repairs. And, a neighbor walked over and told us that she loved Generation One and their partners because they had also helped her.

Team Painting
Porch Rebuild

Finished Porch
Our long-standing partnership with Generation One is one of the best. Mike and Kenzie Malkemes and their staff have developed a keen sense of peripheral compassion and see things that so many others tend to overlook. When Mike told me that one of the local food pantries was running on empty, we purchased food for them at Sam’s and delivered it to them yesterday. We do not want for families in need to go hungry. I am grateful to the people of Kingsland whose generosity makes it possible for us to help so many people in need around the community.

o at Sam's
The highlight of my day was at lunch when I had the opportunity to see and to hold Mike and Kenzie’s new baby girl, Kayle Anne. She is only a few weeks old. Kayle Anne’s story is amazing. Her mother had paid-in-full to have her aborted but the abortion was delayed because of some health issues. In that span of time Mike and Kenzie were able to arrange to adopt Kayle Anne. She is a beautiful little treasure who is alive because of the compassionate action of Mike and Kenzie. How wonderful to know that she has a future and a hope and is safe in the arms of two parents who understand and value the sanctity of human life.

O w Kaylee Anne
So, in addition to a great week of Vacation Bible School at Kingsland, I have enjoyed the past couple of days. There is a joy in serving others and with others that is just unbeatable. Being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community is woven into the fabric of life at Kingsland. I am proud to be part of a family of faith that is concerned about those in need and that demonstrates God’s love in practical ways every day of the year. Thank you, Kingsland, and thank you college students, for being a blessing to a little lady in the Third Ward who will sleep a little better tonight because of the love and kindness you showed her.


  1. Omar, I enjoy your blog so much. I miss my family at Kingsland, and I always enjoy reading the stories. So many wonderful blessings. Thanks for sharing! God bless!

  2. Thanks for allowing us to serve with you Saturday. I appreciate all that you and Jon do for our Kingsland missions program.

    • Thank you, Brad. It was a great morning of service with you all. Looking forward to our next service initiative with our college team next month.

  3. This post just set me up for a great week! I miss being there in Katy and I am so inspired by all of you.

    God Bless,


    • Thanks, Chad. Wishing you a great week as you serve others in Idaho. Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus there!

  4. i really appreciate the Wise stand of ‘Mike and Kenzie’s new baby girl’
    and it is a great example of walk on faith, thanks for sharing i copied the last picture.
    God bless you

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