Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 8, 2011

On Heaven’s Shore

Today is Mother’s Day, a bittersweet day for me since my beautiful Mom passed away on May 30, 2009. On the first anniversary of her death I posted a blog entitled “My New Normal” in which I wrote:

It’s been one year since my beautiful mother died and my life has not yet returned to normal. And, I know that it never will. Things will never be what they were before. I understand that. My severed emotions have found new ways to grow around the hurt and to reconnect on the other side. But, the hurt is still there — quietly throbbing with every beat of my heart. Some days are worse than others but, little by little, I am adjusting to my new normal. God has been very good to me over the past year, nourishing me with perfect measures of grace at my most difficult moments. He understands.

A year after writing those words I can confirm that God’s grace is indeed sufficient. Some days are still worse than others and I still have those moments when the thought of Mom’s absence causes me to sigh. God, however, continues to show me in small, quiet, and unexpected ways that He understands my pain and my grief. Last month while visiting Dad I sat alone in the room where Mom kept her books. We enjoyed lots of conversations about books we were reading. In fact, one of the last questions that Mom asked me the week before she died is “What are you reading?” As I sat among her books I noticed a little volume tucked between larger books. When I thumbed through the book I found a little note that Mom had written and filed away between its pages at 2:00 PM on Saturday, August 11, 2000. The note is entitled “Dream.” Mom had jotted down a few quick lines that described something she had dreamed: Ocean waves washing me ashore — as being washed ashore I come to some feet and hold on to them and as I looked up I saw my Lord.

Mom never could have imagined how the words she wrote on a Saturday afternoon would become a much-needed balm to me almost two years after her death. And, I never could have imagined how the God of all comfort would lead me to find her note on a night when my heart was aching. But, that’s the way God works. He understands and He cares. Two years ago, the ocean waves that Mom had dreamed about washed her onto heaven’s shore to the feet of the Lord she loved. One day, those same waves will wash me onto that same shore where I too will see Jesus and once again see my beautiful Mom. In the meantime, I will continue to grieve with hope and to find encouragement in the promises of the God who understands, comforts, and sustains.


  1. Tissue please! Very touching and a a testament of God’s faithfulness to many who understand your pain. We still grieve the loss of Breck’s wonderful mother Mildred Quin. Thank you for sharing. I read this to Breck and am sure it was a sweet reminder of our hope in Christ! Thanks for using your blessing to bless us.

  2. Holly and I “visited” my Mom Saturday. Your Mom’s note reminded me of laying my head at Christ’s feet on the rocks of El Salvador. Hope to see you soonest.

    • Glad you got to spend some time with your Mom. And, I love that statue of Christ overlooking the Pacific near the place we stayed at in El Salvador.

  3. We are both grieving for parents. My Dad’s funeral was Saturday, and as others have told me, “you never get over it.” I do agree it is one of the hardest roads I have ever tread. Our son, Josh, did a beautiful job on the service. My daugher tempered the mood with a special Mother’s Day gift…the news that they are working to adopt a baby boy from Ethiopia. From the end to the beginning…God is so good.

    • Sue Ann…

      I am so sorry to hear about the death of your Dad. I know that God will care for you in many wonderful and tender ways in the days, months, and years to come. Congratulations on the news of the adoption of a baby boy from Ethiopia. What a special blessing for your family and for this precious child.


  4. Hello Omar. That was such a beautiful well written blog post. I read it with tears rolling down my cheeks. God is so good!

    • Thanks, Sterling. I appreciate your kind words.

  5. Thanks for the article. Thanks for writing!


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