Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 9, 2011

Skin In The Game

I received an e-mail today from our national partner in Bangladesh concerning one of the evangelists in his network. Here is what our Bengali brother had to say (in his own words):

I went south of Bangladesh to see my parents, and some other friends. A critical thing has been happened to south part of Bangladesh with one of our evangelist. … He is very close friend of my brother. Bad people caught him, as he was witness to the village. They insulted him a lot. And he was beaten up a lot. They (terrorists) shaved his head, hanged shoes on his neck. Those kinds treating is really bad. He is in the hospital right now, in town, under my bro.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. I have received similar reports about the persecution of Muslim-background believers ever since my first visit to Bangladesh in 1999. Years ago I met Abdul (not his real name) in Bangladesh. Abdul is a Muslim-background follower of Christ. When his family discovered that he had become a Christian, they tied him up and beat him in an effort to get him to abandon his newfound faith. His mother came to him at night, released him, and urged him to leave home lest his father and uncle beat him to death. Abdul left home and eventually connected with other believers who helped him grow in his faith. He became a bold witness for Christ and has suffered physical persecution on more than one occasion. Today, God is using him in a mighty way as a leader of church leaders in Bangladesh. He continues to faithfully preach the gospel in spite of the risks involved.

Like these Christ-followers in Bangladesh, we’ve got to be willing to have some skin in the game in order to advance God’s purposes and pursue His passions among the nations. We must consider and deal with what keeps us from exhibiting boldness in sharing our faith. Think about this: if you could trace your spiritual lineage back to the first century you would likely find at least one individual who had skin in the game, who was willing to risk it all in order to share the gospel with others and whose faithfulness to do so eventually resulted in the gospel reaching you. What individuals who are alive today will be touched because of your concern for their spiritual welfare? And, what individuals yet to be born will eventually hear the gospel because of your willingness to share with someone today? Are we bold enough to live the gospel, share the gospel, and if necessary die for the gospel? Do we have skin in the game?

I invite you to read more of my posts about the persecution of Christians in Bangladesh and other nations and to pray for those who live and share their faith at great personal risk.


  1. Brother Omar- I’d like to mention you about the man was persecuted badly in May 2011. he still alive and witnessing Jesus as the Lord leads. We (you) can do anything for a favor his living? please think about this! Thanks. Mortuza.

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