Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 10, 2011

Our Connected World

We live in a connected world in which air travel gives us access to every location on the planet. Over the years I have watched flight schedules and routes grow at an exponential rate. That’s a good thing because every new route provides increased access to peoples who live in places with little or no access to the gospel. But, air travel is just the first part of the adventure. Once in country, I often have to employ other travel options to get to my final destination — including trains, buses, ships, boats, jeeps, cabs, motorcycles, horses, rickshaws, and traveling on foot. I have traveled over good and bad roads, over frozen tundra and ice-covered lakes, across deserts, over mountains, through forests, and down rivers. It sometimes takes creative logistical work, but it is possible to get to any place on the planet.

Our world is also getting more virtually connected as well. A few months ago my friend and Kingsland member Jeff Thompson approached me about mobilizing people to travel virtually by serving as online missionaries with Global Media Outreach. Global Media Outreach, or GMO, recruits online missionaries to interact with people from all over the world who have either made a first-time decision for Christ, recommitted their lives to Christ, or are interested in learning more about what it means to follow Christ. Last year, GMO recorded more than fifteen-million decisions for Christ by people who had visited their gospel-presentation websites. So, I followed Jeff’s lead and signed-on to serve as an online missionary and I absolutely love it. Serving as an online missionary allows me to travel even when I am home. Every day I have the opportunity to help and guide people from all over the world toward faith in Christ. At the present time, I am interacting with more than two-hundred people who have made decisions for Christ.

Over the past months, a few of our Kingsland members have also joined our online missionary team to help us learn more about what it means to be a virtual traveler. In the brief time that we have served together, we have replied to more than fifteen-hundred e-mails from people all over the world who indicated a decision for Christ. We are convinced that in addition to actually traveling to physical locations around the world to work with our partners, we must also travel the virtual world to share the gospel. Our missions ministry is now ready to expand our online missionary team. If you are interested in learning more about what it means to be an online missionary or how you can serve with us, please let me know. Join us as we go beyond to share the gospel and to encourage new believers from all over the world from the convenience of our own homes. You’ll love traveling the virtual skies of the online missionary world. No jet lag!


  1. I want to serve! Sign me up!!!

    • Andrea,

      Will do. And thanks for traveling last week with our team to Thailand. What a blessing it was to serve others there.


  2. I’m ready to get ‘moving’ with online evangelism and discipleship. Is there a problem if I only speak English? Let me know what’s next!!

    • Sue Ann…

      Thanks. We’ll be in touch. No problem if you only speak English.


  3. Hi Omar! I am really interested and considering signing up GMO. I want to serve!

  4. Hi Sterling…

    Fantastic. Jeff Thompson, our GMO team leader, will be in contact with you.


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