Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 6, 2011

Global Glimpses

Herschel with elderly man at Mother Teresa's.

Who | Herschel Rothchild

My Years on the Mission Field | My family (Christine, Christian, and Danielle) and I served in Nigeria for 2 years. During our time there I worked with street kids. I did not have any special experience that helped me, but God used my knowledge and my desire to serve Him to do many different things. I discipled and encouraged leaders in our ministry plus some of the older boys in the ministry. God also used my real estate background to help acquire more buildings and land for our growing ministry. God stretched me in many ways as we served the blind and the lepers. It was there that I learned we are all people and all anyone wants is to be treated with dignity and respect. The blind and the lepers we worked with want to be loved for who they are on the inside, not on the outside. I was even in charge of new construction for our ministry buildings and housing along with our farming initiatives. I had no previous experience with either, but God gave me some amazing Nigerian friends who worked with me and along side me to ensure things were done the right way.

Where I Have Traveled With Kingsland | I have led three teams back to Nigeria with Kingsland since we moved back home in 2006. I have also done mission work with Kingsland in Houston’s Third and Fourth wards as well as in Katy. I traveled to Israel with Kingsland and last summer I went on the High School mission trip to India.

What Touched Me Most in India | I loved going to the small village school where we cared for children. The school kids loved our students — and the feeling was truly mutual. We were all humbled as we visited each one of the school kids’ homes in groups of four or five to pray for them and their family. The families were happy to see us and excited that we would want to come into their home. I watched God stretch our students as we asked each one of them to take turns praying at different houses. We wanted them to lead and by doing that they learned a lot. On the third day our students wanted to prayer walk through the village. It was blazing hot and we were all sweaty but they just wanted to go pray. As we went we met a man whose arm was lame. He could not raise it up and he asked us to pray for healing. An Indian pastor led us as we all laid hands on him and prayed. The man was healed and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. There were several other healings and more people proclaimed Jesus as Lord and Savior. There were no Christians in the village prior to this day.

What I Appreciated Most About Our Students | I appreciated the willingness of our students to serve and to hear God. In addition to serving at the slum school we served every day at Mother Theresa’s Homes for the destitute and dying. There were some people there that looked way different than us and some that could not even talk … but our students just loved them. They did not let their appearance slow them down at all, they just wanted to serve. It was amazing to see their hearts and to watch them live out their faith. The youth of Kingsland served God well in India and I am so proud of them and the way they ministered to others and that they truly went beyond their comfort zone.

Where I Am Headed Next | I am headed to Uganda in June with the LaTorre family and their team. We will be serving at an orphanage where Dr. Cindy Anthis and others will help check all of the kids and start medical records for them and make sure they are given the vaccines they need. I will do whatever they need me to. The LaTorre’s also have a plan to buy land for the orphanage so they can become more self sufficient as they grow vegetables and raise cows, chickens, and more. I am so excited to go and do anything to help. I pray that God is glorified through our time going and our time in the country.

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