Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 5, 2011

Providential Interruption

On Monday of this week I had the opportunity to share the story of Kingsland’s journey into the global mission field created by abortion at Life International’s annual fund-raising banquet in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The following is a condensed version of that story. You can see the video version on Vimeo.

When I arrived in Katy, Texas five and a half years ago to serve as Kingsland’s first Missions Pastor, one of the first things I did was to brand our missions ministry with the words “Go Beyond.” I did so because I believe that in each of our lives there is a line that defines the farthest we’ve ever been and the most we’ve ever done for God and His purposes. Everything on our side of that line is familiar, comfortable, manageable, and predictable. However, the kingdom of God advances only when we are willing to step across that line and allow God to lead us to places we’ve never been, engage with people we’ve never met, and fight battles we’ve never fought. When I arrived at Kingsland I was determined to provide opportunities for our people to go beyond that line in order to advance God’s purposes and pursue His passions among the nations.

On the international front I had a very intentional strategy in mind to go to last places first. In other words, to lead our people to take the gospel to the world’s least reached and least engaged people groups. I did not want to duplicate what others were doing or go where others were going. I did not want to give a second and third helping of Jesus to people who already had access to the gospel while millions are still waiting to hear the gospel for the first time. Like Paul in Romans 15:20, I wanted to “make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone else’s foundation.” And then, God providentially interrupted me to add something to our strategy that I never expected would ever blip on our international missions radar.

A few weeks after arriving at Kingsland, Mary Whittington, one of our members, invited me to join her and her husband to breakfast to meet Kurt Dillinger, the President of Life International. Honestly, I did not want to go to breakfast or to entertain anything that might detract from a strategy of reaching the world’s least reached peoples. But, because I was new at Kingsland and did not want to be rude or unkind, I accepted Mary’s invitation and met Kurt the following morning. I listened politely as Kurt shared about the work of Life International on the mission field created by abortion. And then, Kurt said something that was the key to unlocking my interest and redefining my vision. He said that babies in the womb are the world’s largest hidden and most vulnerable people group. I don’t think I heard anything else he said because those words in particular disturbed me. I could not sleep that night as I thought about this hidden and vulnerable people group in need of champions. That night, the Lord convicted me that in addition to all of the other unreached people groups I would lead our missions ministry to adopt, He wanted for me to lead us to adopt the pre-born as one of our people groups.

The following day I talked with my Pastor, Alex Kennedy, to ask how he felt about our missions ministry adopting the pre-born as one of our people groups. Pastor Alex has a huge heart for the welfare of the pre-born and affirmed that we should do so. And thus began our partnership with Life International. Five years ago we worked with Kurt and the staff at Life International to underwrite and to help start The Comforter’s Center in Uganda. Our people embraced the vision and gave generously to make a pregnancy help center in Kampala a reality. And then, a couple of years ago, Kingsland purchased a building for the center, ensuring that it will have a geographic presence to promote the sanctity of human life even beyond our generation. The best thing is that over the past five years hundreds of abortion-minded young women who have visited the center have chosen life for their babies and hundreds of these women have come to faith in Christ.

Grateful young Moms at The Comforter's Center.

Because of the success of The Comforter’s Center, we are now working with Life International to start another center in Cambodia. This past December, through the generosity of a family at Kingsland, we provided the funds to purchase 7.5 acres of land along the Cambodia-Thai border. This location will become the home of another pregnancy resource and women’s health center and facilities to care for children at risk of being kidnapped and trafficked for sex and labor. Last year I invited Steve Hyde, our joint partner in Cambodia, to join me in Kampala to see the work of The Comforter’s Center. While we were meeting with Veronica, the director of the center, there was a knock at the door. Five young girls holding their babies walked in to the room and said, “We heard that someone from Kingsland was here and we wanted to personally say thank you for supporting the work of the center. Because you have given, our babies are alive, the five of us came to faith in Christ, and we meet on Thursdays to pray and to encourage one another to be godly moms.” I smiled and thought back to the morning I had reluctantly met with Kurt and God challenged me to go beyond in a way I never expected. Our hope at Kingsland is to continue working with Kurt and the Life International team to sow the seeds of life on the mission field created by abortion in Uganda, Cambodia, and beyond.


  1. You go Brother!!! We always have you in our prayers!!!! Dios te bendiga!!!

  2. I never get tired of hearing this awesome God story! And I can’t wait to go to Cambodia!! We are truly blessed to be led by you.

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