Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | February 25, 2011

Global Glimpses

Who | Jim Coleman

What I Do | I am a groundwater engineer by profession and serve as the point man for Kingsland’s mission trips with Living Water International. I have been a member at Kingsland for over 15 years.

Where I’ve Traveled with Kingsland | I have led three mission trips for KBC to El Salvador. These trips include the installation of new water wells for villages without access to clean drinking water. And, the trips also allow us to repair wells which are no longer functional.

How This Experience Changed My Life | Living Water International trips have allowed me to engage with people on a very personal level. We are able to meet the most basic physical need on this earth — the need for water. This act of service provides an immediate opening to the hearts of the people where they are willing to hear about Living Water — the love of Christ.

Most Meaningful Connection | I have been able to forge close bonds with the in-country staff of Living Water. Not only do we establish relationships in the villages where we work, but we also impact the entire ministry of Living Water in El Salvador by partnering with their staff. 

My Continuing Commitment | I now serve on the Advisory Board for Living Water International and am committed to continuing the partnership between Kingsland’s Missions Ministry and Living Water — a strategic partnership that allows Kingsland members to Go Beyond and deliver a cup of water in Jesus name.

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