Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | September 9, 2010

The Beauty of Jesus

Thanks to each of you who read my blog post entitled “Isn’t Jesus Enough?” (07 Sept. 10) and expressed your views on attractional initiatives gone awry. Hundreds of you have read this post over the past couple of days. Some of you have weighed in on the discussion by leaving a comment, others by sending me email, and others by stopping by my office to chat. I especially appreciate clarity from some good friends at one church. They explained that their church used pies as a way to encourage attenders to express Mayberry-type hospitality to their friends and neighbors. The intent of their initiative was not to attract attenders but to encourage attenders to connect with people outside the church. I appreciate the clarification and their efforts to get their folks to take intentional steps in making meaningful connections with others.

I wrote this particular blog because we need to have healthy dialogue about the methods we use in our efforts to share the message about Jesus. Unfortunately, we have too many things at our disposal with which to obscure the beauty of Jesus. And, it’s easy to give in to the temptation to think that Jesus isn’t enough and that we must use lesser things to attract people to Him. I heard a story about a little boy who complained to his mother that the family dog did not like him and always refused to play with him. So, the mother found a solution — she tied a pork chop around her son’s neck. And, for the first time, the dog played with the boy … at least for a while. But once the pork chop was gone, so was the dog! We must be careful that we do not employ similar methods in our efforts to attract people to Jesus.

I also wrote the blog because of absurd, albeit sincere, methodologies that prostitute the gospel in the brothel of popularity. Some are so afraid of making others uncomfortable that they emasculate and tame the gospel so that people will like it. We don’t need to hang a pork chop around the gospel nor should we apologize for it. It is “the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom. 1:16). What message are we sending to a lost world when we offer everything from tickets to sporting events to drawings for high-definition televisions in our efforts to get people to walk in the door? And, does the end justify the means? Hence, the title of my blog: Isn’t Jesus Enough?

My travels take me to some of the most difficult and dangerous places on the planet. I am convicted every time I travel to these places and meet believers there who have nothing but Jesus to offer others. He is the only attraction. And, because these believers have nothing with which to obscure Jesus, those seeking answers can see Him clearly. He is not hidden beneath hype nor gimmicks. That’s important because when the people in these places accept Him they do so knowing that they might suffer persecution as a result. I don’t know of anyone who is willing to die for a high-definition television but I have met many in my travels who are willing to die for Jesus.

So, thanks again to each of you who read my post. I hope that my words caused you to think deeply about the beauty of Jesus and to ask hard questions about the sanity of the methods we employ to share Him with others. May we never obscure His beauty and splendor with things that moths can eat and rust can corrupt. Jesus is beautiful and He is indeed enough!


  1. Amen!

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