Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 31, 2017

Return to Cambodia

The journey from my suburban home to the slums of Poipet in western Cambodia is long — really long no matter which way you travel. The only thing that makes the trip bearable is knowing that my heart is inclined in the direction of the poor and needy.

I live with the daily pressure of concern for the many peoples I have been privileged to serve over the years. I can no longer remember what it was like to go to bed free of this concern. It both calls and drives me. It troubles me when it suspects I am starting to slink into the comforts of my suburban life.


Thus another long journey away from the conveniences of home. Long journeys like this are made more bearable when shared with others whose hearts beat in sync with my own. While I never mind traveling alone, I cherish the days that I am with like-hearted companions who also desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus among the least of these.

And so, I have returned to Cambodia, but not alone. My friend Kara Potts serves as our missions ministry’s point person for our work among the Khmer and did an excellent job of mobilizing and preparing our team. I have returned to Cambodia with friends.


Over the coming days our team will serve the women and children who live in Poipet, one of the least favored parts of Cambodia. Life in this border town is hard. And it is also dangerous because it’s a favorite hunting ground of those who traffic in human beings. Those who have no regard for the sanctity of human life prosper in places like this.

Our work here is strategic and our efforts preemptive in the battle for life and the struggle against human trafficking. Our presence and the resources we invest are making a difference in the lives of the women and children we serve in partnership with our good friend Steve Hyde, the Iowa farm boy turned missionary who knows he will one day be buried here.


And so, we have returned to Cambodia to do good — because that is what Jesus would do. We are here to affirm the value of human life, to care for the practical needs of the poor, to offer medical and dental help, to invest in women so that they in turn will be better moms and steer their households toward the life and freedom found in Jesus.

We are a long way from home and that’s ok. As Kara reminded our team last night, we have come here to live out the words of the Apostle Paul who admonished the Philippian church to do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit but instead, in humility, to regard others as more important than themselves. And that is exactly what we intend to do.


  1. I am praying for God’s work through all of you as you convey His dignity and love to those who have been told and shown otherwise. Lord, show these women and children your incomparably great power, love, and compassion through this team of missionaries and heal them through the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Be safe and be blessed, Nikki

    • Thanks so much, Nikki. Appreciate your prayers and friendship.

  2. Our love and prayers go with you and your team. May our mighty God show Himself strong as He goes before you. I pray that His mighty power will be evident and encourage the team as well as the people who live there.

    • Thanks for your prayers, Kay. We are off to a great start. Looking forward to the next several days. Miss you guys.

  3. Beautiful……. thanks for sharing. My prayers are with your team and those you are serving. Linda

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    • Thanks, Linda. We are comforted by the knowledge that you and so many are praying for our team.

  4. Amen! So blessed to read this blog. Praying for the people of Cambodia that is being impacted by this group.

    • Thanks for praying, Selim. Wonderful people here. See you next week as we prepare for our next adventure.

  5. Singing praises to the Lord as I read this blog! I have not quit praying for you and the work being done in the name of Jesus since you left. So exciting to see how God is at work and that people are being forever changed – look at those precious smiles!

    • Thanks, Eva. So grateful for your prayers. And so good to see the welcoming smiles of those we have come to serve. Precious indeed.

  6. Well done friends! BTW-please bring home some fried intestines 🙂

    • Thanks. Will be sure to bring you some fried intestines — or at least a photo 😉

  7. Great job Team Cambodia! I will be watching the blog and looking for prayer points for the team. The passion this team has for Cambodia is what I feel for my family in India. Counting down the days!

    • Thanks, Brenda. Grateful for your prayers and glad to have you as our new point person for our India women’s trips.

  8. My brother Omar,
    You make my heart sing as I read your words and see your colorful images. Know that many are praying for our mighty God’s Holy Spirit to bless and favor the poor people you are serving there. May they fill their hearts with our Lord’s message of grace, forgiveness and redemption and experience true freedom in His amazing unconditional love. Praying for you to have strength and power from on high and that God’s mighty angels surround you with protection and safety. Barry

    • Thanks so much, Barry. Deeply grateful for your prayers. So happy to be here to serve the interests of our Heavenly Father.

  9. Thank You KBC! You are doing great work in Cambodia! And, Please come here, and ask me join you. Please come to monpura island in Bhola district. And I would request you do serve to ‘CRP’ in Savar, and Missionary of Charity new born babies center in Old Dhala.

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