Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 16, 2017

Serving Together

At Kingsland, we value the joy of going beyond — cultivating a spirit of generosity and service that benefits the Kingdom rather than our own agendas. In the context of church life, we acknowledge that every member has been uniquely gifted to serve the Body, and we value opportunities to discover and use those gifts to serve others. We call this “selfless influence” (service) — one of our core values. We further believe that the scope of this high calling begins in our homes and extends to the ends of the earth.

U-Turn A
Selfless influence is a core value that requires movement toward those in need. Whether we move in the direction of others through our prayers or our presence, we must move in their direction in order to live out this core value. The Good Samaritan exercised selfless influence by moving toward a man in desperate need and made a difference in that man’s life. We must do no less. That’s why we are committed to weaving this value into the very fabric of life at Kingsland.

U-Turn B
Last week we challenged our members to contribute canned goods and hygiene items to benefit five of our food pantry partners in Katy and in the greater Houston area. The response was indeed selfless as our folks brought by items throughout the week. In addition, we ordered 11,000 pounds of rice and beans to repackage into quart-size bags for easier distribution by our food pantry partners.

U-Turn C
On Saturday, more than 300 hundred of our students gathered at the church to sort and box canned goods and hygiene items and bags of rice and beans. The energy was through the roof as our students worked and loaded the trucks that would carry the donated items to the various food pantries for distribution to people in need. Because of their work, thousands of pounds of food is moving in the direction of people in need — a beautiful demonstration of God’s love in action.

U-Turn D
U-Turn E
Thanks to the Kingsland family, our students, and to Kayla Self for taking point on this initiative. By working together we have helped our partners to continue their compassionate work of helping families in need throughout our community. And by working together we have once again demonstrated that loving and selflessly serving others is an indispensable component of our biblical worldview and a hallmark of what it means to be followers of Christ.

U-Turn F


  1. Love in action. God must be so proud of all of you.

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