Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 10, 2016

Working Together

The refugee crisis in the Middle East continues to prove challenging for host nations. To put the matter in a perspective we can relate to, imagine several other families moving into your home during a crisis — and then staying for an indefinite period of time. The presence of so many people in your home would certainly put a strain on your resources, not to mention your sanity.

Managing the needs of so many people in need is a challenge for the host nations, for the United Nations, and for the many agencies lending their hands to the task. But, the size of the challenge requires that everyone work together. That is the only way anything will get done.

On a smaller scale, our students have seen firsthand the value of working together to get a job done. Whether the task is distributing aid to families, sorting through two shipping containers of supplies, leading Bible clubs for kids, or doing manual labor at the House of Ruth, they have seen the value of working together to tackle big jobs.

One of the things we are leaning is that those who are committed to a cause greater than themselves are willing to work cooperatively to get things done. Every day our service teams huddle to go over their assigned task for the day, to review their game plan, and to pray. By working cooperatively, they are getting the job done.

Our students are also learning that they are not here to labor for personal reward or recognition. They want all of the glory to go to God. Every act of service done in His name helps those served to personally experience some measure of God’s love for them. And, it’s making a difference. Today, two Syrian refugees chose to place their faith in Jesus Christ.

We had a long and fruitful day of service as we worked together to help meet the needs of refugee families in Jordan. The presence of our students has given many of these families hope, brought a smile to their weary faces, and assured them they are not forgotten. I am thankful for the selfless service of our students and sponsors. By working together we are making a difference.


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