Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 23, 2016

Into the Amazon Rainforest

Like most folks, I first learned about the Amazon as a school kid. I remember how the maps and pictures in my geography book inspired wonder. If mystery and adventure lurked anywhere on the planet, this had to be the place. The thick rainforest, the incredible variety of bugs and animals, the mighty Amazon River and all of the dangers that lurk beneath its muddy flow, and the indigenous dwellers of this vast greenhouse — these were the characters in my childhood Amazon daydreams.

Amazon Boats
I never imagined that the day after celebrating my 60th birthday I would finally have the opportunity to venture to the Amazon. The fact that my trek was all about kingdom business made it all the more exciting. Whenever I read the passage in the book of Revelation that talks about those “from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Rev. 5:9) gathered around the throne of God, I can’t help but think about the tribes in places like the Amazon.

Amazon Jungle Trail
While visiting a village along the Rio Cunumã, my buddies and I had the opportunity to do a trek into the rainforest. After prayer-walking the area around the village, we noticed a trail that led off into the dense growth. So, after lunch we decided to go back and to follow that trail as far as possible. And so began our walk into the rainforest.

Amazon Jungle Omar
There is a mesmerizing beauty about the Amazon. Few have the opportunity to ever walk in a place that is essentially unspoiled by human contact. The only people to have walked here before us are the indigenous Munduruku people. The rainforest is their grocery store. They respect it and take no more than they need and then allow the forest to replenish its resources.

Omar w Palms
I was amazed at the size of everything here. Trees grow so tall that they seem to disappear into the clouds. Thick vines twist their way from tree to tree. Everything in the palm family grows bigger than anything similar I have ever seen in other tropical regions of the world. There are more shades of green in the Amazon than you’ll find in any paint store. And the vibrant colors of the flowers are beyond beautiful. If God ever intended to show off when He created the world, then this is the gallery where He hung many of His masterpieces.

Bill and Jay
The butterflies were out in numbers as we walked down our jungle trail. Trying to photograph them is another story. No luck! As for ants and other bugs and snakes and lizards, there is no shortage. We saw several. One thing is certain, the rainforest is alive in every sense of the word. It is a place that breathes with life. I felt its pulse as I walked.

Jay Eating in Jungle
Far down the trail we came across a type of fruit that we had seen some locals eating, so we decided to sample it for ourselves. We broke open the large brown pod to reveal the yellow mushy inside. We scooped it out with our fingers and ate it like hungry kids. It tasted something like banana pudding. It was absolutely delicious.

Amazon Jungle View
After several miles, we reluctantly decided to head back although the siren call of the narrow trail beckoned us to do otherwise. We wanted to make sure we made it back before the trees started to filter out any of the ambient light of the setting sun. We returned soaked from head to toe from the high humidity and a brief rain shower. But we returned with a deep sense of satisfaction. This walk in the Amazon rainforest was indeed a childhood dream come true.


  1. Wow! Loved reading about your trek!!

    • Thanks for following our journey, Helen.

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