Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 7, 2016

Farewell To My Fifties

I am seldom at a loss for words. However, as I look back on the last ten years of my life, I find it difficult to express what I feel. Today, I say farewell to my fifties. Never again will I do anything as a fifty-something year old man. Those days are now behind me — and, fortunately, each page of those years bears the indelible signature of God’s kindness.

The last ten years of my life have been the most adventurous of my now sixty years on the planet. I led volunteers around the world 74 times and watched God do amazing things in more than 30 countries. The world is a better place because of these selfless servants who were willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The worst day of the past ten years was the day my beautiful mother died. I think about her every day and still miss the sound of her voice. I also experienced my darkest season in ministry but held tightly to God’s hand. Fortunately for me, God can see in the dark. He faithfully guided me back into the light.

I also experienced more fun and laughter than should be legally allowed. I have always preferred to hang out with friends who eat more ice cream than beans — and that has served me well. Life is hard enough and certainly harder without laughter. I love laughter and the joy of fellowship with family and good friends.

Family Fun
If there is anything I am most grateful for it is the kindness of God. He has blessed me with an amazing wife, three kids that are patiently teaching me to let go and dance, a wonderful new daughter-in-law and son-in-law, my cool Dad, and a funny-looking dog named Biscuit. They are my greatest adventure.

And now — the sixties! I have no intentions of slowing down, burning out, giving up, or falling apart. As I often told a dear friend, I can’t afford to kill time because time is killing me. I will continue to love God, care for my family, embrace life, serve others, seek adventure, and go beyond. Life is too precious to do anything less.

I am grateful to those of you who faithfully follow my blog and offer encouragement. God has used each of you to enrich my journey. Thank you for your kindness. Tomorrow, I head for the Amazon — the first big adventure of my sixties.

And, one more thing. Happy Birthday to my sister Bonnie who is celebrating her 59th birthday today. Love you, Bonnie.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Pastor Omar!!! :o)

  2. Happy 60 “O”
    Yes- God can see in the dark
    Here’s to the next 10
    George Rossi

  3. Happy Birthday Omar! Knowing you gives me hope.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks, Debbie. There is indeed hope 😃

  4. Omar: neat reflection! So glad our paths crossed. Praying for what God has stored for you in your 60’s.

    • Thanks, Selim. I’m also glad our paths crossed. Grateful for your friendship.

  5. Happy Birthday, and welcome to the ‘Sixties’ club. It’s a great group, and a great time to be alive! 🙂

    • Thanks, Pam. Happy to be a new member of the sixties club.

  6. Happy Birthday Omar and travel mercies!

  7. God bless you and Happy Birthday, Omar! Thank you for making all of our lives better!


    • Thanks for your kind words and friendship, Jack.

  8. Happy Birthday, Omar! Your blog posts are always a highlight. And you make the world a brighter place in so many ways! I’m grateful that God brought us together around a common passion. Blessings, my friend!

    • Thank you, Natalie. I too am grateful that God brought us together to fight on behalf of victims of human trafficking.

  9. Blessings for your Amazon travel and a huge Happy Birthday to one of my favorite writers whose walk matches his talk! You’re such a blessing to so many pep & your sweet mom is rejoicing over yours & Bonnies birth day in her forever home.

    • Thanks, Mechele. Always appreciate your encouraging words.

  10. “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”(3 John 1:2) Happy 6-0 birth day Pastor Omar

    • Thanks a million, Veronica. Love the verse.

  11. ‘O’, every time I think of you my heart is filled with joy! I celebrate your life, work and family. You are truly a rich and blessed man! It is hard to believe how time has passes so quickly. If I have not in the passed, I want to express my gratitude for the years you have poured into my life. The time spent and the lesson learned at Village Parkway Baptist Church were not wasted. Thank You my mentor! Greet Cheryl and the family.
    Ch, Lt Col Michael C. Seaman

    • Thanks for your kind words, Mike. I am grateful for your friendship and our time together at Village Parkway. I treasure the memories of our time together.

  12. Sorry I missed your birthday – a very happy belated one to you from the Dry’s. Be safe and maybe we will make a trip down south together soon – and share some ice cream!!!!

    • Thanks a million, Jim. Would absolutely love to share some ice cream after a hard day of work on a water well. Much love to you and the family.

  13. don’t know if you saw but we completed our adoption last month – Lily Hope Dry is our new baby girl. look at pictures on Facebook.

    • Fabulous news. I will check out the pics. Thanks for giving Lily Hope a home and a forever family. Beautiful.

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