Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 21, 2014

A Band of Brothers

The work of God’s kingdom is big — too big for any individual or any church or any denomination to tackle alone. That’s why it’s important to be a part of a kingdom team and to cooperate with other believers in bringing glory to God in our neighborhoods, community, and world. The world needs to see not only that those of us in the Christian community love one another, but that we are committed to demonstrating God’s love and concern to those around us in meaningful and practical ways.

A few years ago I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Nikki Richnow, wife of the Senior Associate Rector of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church. Nikki and I met at a meeting of folks from the Houston area concerned about addressing the issue of human trafficking. I was impressed by Nikki’s big vision to help start an aftercare home for girls rescued from the darkness of domestic trafficking — a vision that is now a reality called Freedom Place.

Omar and Doug
Through my friendship with Nikki I met Doug, her husband. He is a kindred spirit with a thirst for adventure. Doug has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with his son (how cool is that!) and wants to climb it again with his granddaughter. He also has a passion for helping the people of our community and for encouraging the men of his church to do the same. The men of St. John’s are actively engaged in demonstrating God’s love by meeting practical needs in our community. These men not only care about people in need, they demonstrate the depth of their concern by doing something to meet those needs.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of speaking to the men of St. John’s at their annual men’s retreat at Camp Allen in Navasota, Texas. All of the men made me feel welcome and were so kind and encouraging to me. I absolutely enjoyed every minute with them. God opened doors for lots of meaningful personal conversations and group discussions throughout the weekend. And, our worship times were uplifting with some really great music.

I am thankful for Doug, for the men of St. John’s, and for their partnership in the  gospel. These guys are a band of brothers who love Jesus and who love people and who are working to make God’s name famous in Houston and beyond. We are fortunate to have such a great church like St. John’s in Houston. Our community is a better place because of their commitment to love and serve God and to grow His kingdom.


  1. Omar-the men of St. John the Divine LOVED your presentations! I was so thrilled to think of you being there this weekend. Kingsland and SJD are now one in Spirit!!

  2. Omar, many thanks for blessings the men of St. John’s this past weekend. God always shows up bigger and better than we could ever imagine. Your messages throughout the weekend were powerful!! John Best

    • Thanks, John. It was so nice meeting and spending time with you at the retreat. You inspired me with your “letters.”

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful “atta-boys,” Omar. All our men are talking about how wonderful the retreat was at Camp Allen and what a marvelous job you did in leading us. Your story was a great inspiration to the men and we were challenged and motivated to hear about all the great work Kingsland Baptist is doing in the area of outreach and world mission. We look forward to doing some things together in the future. Doug Richnow

    • Thanks, Doug, for a great weekend with you and the men of St. John’s. I too look forward to doing some things together in the future.

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