Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | October 11, 2013

A Place In Our Hearts

Along the Pan American Highway in El Salvador

The Pan American Highway is the world’s longest road, stretching from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska all the way to Tierra del Fuego in South America. La Panamericana, as it is known in El Salvador, winds its way through 23 countries and boasts some of the most beautiful vistas on the planet. This morning, our water-well drilling team decided to travel down the portion of La Panamericana from Playa Salinitas in the district of Sonsonate to Cuscatlán International Airport located just south of San Salvador.

Pan Am 1
I have traveled this route once before and fell in love with the drive. The views of the Pacific Ocean along the way are nothing short of magnificent. On many stretches along the way, the road is completely shaded by trees forming an arbor tunnel. And, the road also passes through five tunnels blasted through solid rock. Add to all of this sights of fishermen mending their nets, colorful boats, fruit vendors on the side of the road, and you have all the makings of an enjoyable drive.

Pan Am 2
When we arrived in San Salvador, we stopped by a scenic overlook to take in a panoramic view of the capital city. From our vantage point we could see thousands of homes and could easily identify bigger structures like beautiful cathedrals with their heavenward-reaching spires. The evidence that El Salvador is proud of its Christian heritage is seen everywhere. From public busses adorned with colorful messages like “Jesus es Señor” to street vendors with names like “Tortilleria Bendiciones de Dios.”

Team in San Salvador
We head back to the States early in the morning, grateful to God for a great week among the people of Los Robles, a village we had never heard about until a week ago. Long ago the people of Los Robles began praying for a water-well and this week that prayer was answered. And now, the people of Los Robles will forever have a place in our hearts. Their village is now a part of the geography of our lives. Although names may fade over time, our experience of working shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Los Robles will remain with us for a lifetime.


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