Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 19, 2013

Something Beautiful

Kolkata, India

Long before the days of Twitter and 140-character Tweets, Mother Teresa had a knack for packing a lot to think about into a few words. Many of her inspirational quotes and prayers are displayed on the walls of her homes to remind volunteers of why they are there. This afternoon I led a team of our students to serve at Nirmal Hriday, Mother Teresa’s home for the dying. I have served at this home several times on past visits. Serving people who are dying is a sobering and humbling experience.

Something Beautiful
Nirmal Hriday was recently remodeled to bring the old building up to standards. I was pleased to see, however, that the interior retained some of the old ambiance and that Mother Teresa’s quotes were still on display. One of my favorite quotes really captures the essence of incarnational living: Let every action of mine be something beautiful for God. Those were more than just words to Mother Teresa. This is what she believed and what she lived out before a watching and curious world.


Tenderly caring for the men at Nirmal Hriday.

One thing we discussed with our students prior to coming to India is the importance of every action and every touch while serving others. Today, our students could not remain at a sterile distance from hurting and broken people. They had to close the gap. Today was not about talking theology — today was about doing theology. Today was about doing something beautiful for God. And that is exactly what our students did.

I loved watching my team in action at Nirmal Hriday. Nobody hesitated to approach and to touch the broken and hurting people, many of whom will spend their final days there. They tenderly massaged gnarled feet that have never known a pair of shoes, dispensed medications, fed those who cannot feed themselves, and more. Doyle led a team to serve at Daya Dan, Mother Teresa’s home for disabled and mentally challenged children. Our students did an amazing job of loving these discarded children that are cared for by the Missionaries of Charity.

Make-Up Skit

Skits and Bible stories at the aftercare home.

Kay led our girls to work with our friends at an aftercare home for young girls rescued from brothels in West Bengal. They did all kinds of activities designed to put them in close contact with the girls. One of the girls in the home is currently in the final days of testifying against those who trafficked her. Before leaving the home, all of our girls gathered around her and prayed for her as she faces her accusers in court for the last time tomorrow. It was a sobering and tearful experience for our girls.

Mahima 2

Team building activities at the aftercare home.

Today, our students learned about the significance of compassionate concern expressed in a tender touch, a loving embrace, and a tearful prayer. Each of these actions became something beautiful for God in the context of places where broken people are dying and girls that have survived the unimaginable hell of India’s brothels are slowly rebuilding their lives. The lessons learned here will return home in the hearts of our students and serve them well for a lifetime. Thanks for following and praying for our journey.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and stories with us. I know each member of this group will be forever changed because of these experiences and God must be so pleased by their acts of love and service. Well done, good and faithful KBC seniors and sponsors. Continuing to pray for you!

    • Thanks for investing in these students, Jeanne. And thanks for your prayers as we serve in Kolkata. These students have encouraged and inspired me by their spiritual depth and compassionate service.

  2. My sister gave me your blog site so that I would be able to follow my niece’s (Bailey’s) journey. I want to let you know how very much I appreciate it all! To be able to watch her grow with these experiences just fills my heart with so much love. I wish that I could be there too! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey and for all the love you share!

    • Thanks for following our journey, Andrea. It is such a blessing to see all of our students serve with so much compassion and conviction. Glad to have Bailey on our team.

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