Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | July 1, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

In 2007, I lead a team of Kingsland volunteers to Uganda to teach on the sanctity of human life. While there, we visited a wonderful church in Masaka, a town located in Central Uganda near Lake Victoria. I had the privilege of preaching at the church and our team taught several lessons on the value of life. One of the best things about that trip was the opportunity to meet Subbulah Mesach, one of the pastors at the church. Mesach is a remarkable young man with a passion for the work of the kingdom.

Mesach and I have exchanged a few emails over the years. Last week I received the following email from this dear servant of the Lord. What a pleasant surprise and reminder of the lasting impact that our team made when we visited Masaka.

Dear Pr Omar,

Greetings from Uganda…!! I trust your outreach missions continue to reap big for the Kingdom of God across the world. You impacted my life so much when you came to minister in Masaka. Memories of Kingsland will NEVER fade away from my heart!

God is so gracious…!!!!! We have had a school for poor kids for a long time but we had no buildings. God has been so faithful to us. Attached are some pics of the new school for needy kids, KINGSLAND JUNIOR SCHOOL!!! Praise the Lord!


Below are a few of the photos that Mesach forwarded in his email. Please pray for Mesach and the good work that he and others are doing at Kingsland Junior School. And thank you for your generous support of our missions ministry that enables us to serve and to encourage others in so many places around the planet.

Kingsland Junior School
Kingsland School Profile
School Kids
Kingsland School Kids

Pastor Mesach and his son David.

Pastor Mesach and his son David.


  1. This story makes me cry with joy and thanksgiving – what a blessings, what a legacy!

    • This was indeed a pleasant surprise. Amazing accomplishment on the part of a church that cares deeply about those around them.

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