Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | May 29, 2013

To The Old Ball Game

The Center at Willow River Farms provides services for adults with developmental disabilities and other related conditions. Located in a beautiful rural setting near San Felipe, Texas, Willow River Farms “was founded on the principle that every individual has value and something to contribute to the community.” The folks at Willow River offer exceptional care for their residents and work to help each of them “realize their potential and experience the satisfaction and pride that comes from productive work.”

My friend and Kingsland member Kim Heston introduced me to the wonderful work of Willow River. Over the past couple of years, our missions ministry has mobilized several teams to serve at Willow River. Our teams have assisted with everything from painting to landscaping to some general repair initiatives. So, when Kim recently told me that a Special Olympics softball team is being formed at Willow River, we were happy to step up and to provide new softball equipment to help launch the team.

Paul Crandall at Academy
This morning Paul Crandall, our Recreation Pastor, and I went to Academy to purchase caps, balls, bats, gloves, helmets, and other items to contribute to Willow River. We are excited about what this will mean to the residents and those who help organize the softball team. We are able to assist friends like Willow River because of the kind and generous financial gifts to our missions ministry by the Kingsland family. Please pray for Willow River and the good work that is taking place there every day. I look forward to going out to a ball game one day at Willow River to cheer on the team!

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