Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 7, 2013

Bonnie and Me

Fifty-seven years ago today, I made my entrance into the world in the small single-story hospital in Mission, Texas. Of the three babies born in the hospital on that day, I was the only one to go home with his mother. The other two young women died during childbirth. My Mom told me that on the day that we arrived home from the hospital, the funeral procession for the mother of one of the baby girls born on my birthday passed by the street in front of our home on the way to Laurel Hill Cemetery. One of these days I hope to find and meet the two girls born in the Mission Hospital on April 7.

One year later, on my first birthday, my mother gave birth to my sister Bonnie (Yvonne) at the same hospital. Bonnie was a great birthday gift. We celebrated every birthday together until we became teenagers. In the early years Bonnie and I shared a single birthday cake. Later, my Mom baked two cakes — one with blue colored frosting and another with pink. Our birthdays were always special occasions because we were surrounded by lots of family members, including all of our grandparents.

Today, Bonnie and her husband Paul dropped by the house. We enjoyed chocolate cake, carrot cake, and some vanilla ice cream. Our birthdays are not the big occasions they used to be, but there is still something comforting whenever we get together. Bonnie and I share so many wonderful childhood memories. We have experienced so much together over the years, including the unexpected death of our beautiful mother in 2009. Every birthday since Mom passed away, we remember her with fondness — grateful for all that she and Dad did to make our birthdays more than special for us.

So, Happy Birthday, Bonnie. I am glad that you were born on my first birthday and grateful for all of the memories that we share. May God grant us both another rich and memorable year of life. I love you. And we love you too, Dad. We treasure the days that we are able to spend with you. Thanks for making our childhood magical, adventurous, and meaningful.


  1. Such a sweet blog and what a sweet brother to share this day equally with your sister. I’m am blessed every day that I work with you. You are who you are all the time, no pretending, AND you have an amazing wife!
    Happy Birthday Boss!

    • Thanks a million, Amy. I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. So glad we serve together at Kingsland. Thanks for making our workplace enjoyable.

  2. Happy Birthday to you both!

  3. I’m Not Growing Old…They say I’m not growing old, I’ve had them tell me times unfold, In language plain & bold–but, I’m not growing old, this frail old shell in which, I dwell is growing old I know for well–but I’m not the shell–what if my hair is turning grey–grey hair is honorable they say–what if my eyesight is growing dim–I can see to follow Him, who sacrificed his life for me upon the cross of Calvary. What should I care if times old plough has left it’s furrows on my brow. Another house not made with hands awaits me in glory land. What though I faultier in my walk, What, though I faultier on my talk, I still can tread the narrow way, I still watch & Praise, & Pray. My hearing may not be keen as in the past as it may have been.

    Still, I can hear my Savior say in whispers soft, this is the Way. The outward man, do what I can lengthen out this short span shall perish & return to dust as everything in nature must. This inward man the scripture say, is growing stronger everyday, then how can I (Omar) be growing old? When I’m safe within my Savior’s fold, Er’ long my soul shall fly away & leave this tenement of clay. This robe of flesh I’ll drop & rose to seaze the everlasting prize. I’ll meet you on the streets of gold & prove I’m (Omar) Not Growing Old!

    Happy B’Day Omar!

  4. Happy Birthday Omar and Bonnie! God Bless you Both!

    • Thanks so much, Chad. Always great to hear from you.

  5. Happy Birthday to you both!

  6. Happy birthday, O, the world gained a treasure on that day.

  7. Many Happy Returns my friend – April is the best month for birthdays 🙂

  8. Oh Omar- What a blessing for both of you. Thank you so much for sharing that with all of us today! Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday to you & your sister!! I love those baby pics of y’all together. What a heritage you share.

    • Thanks, Sue Ann. So glad Dad loved to take pics.

  10. Wow, what a beautifully written blog. Wishing you and your sister a belated Happy birthday.Lots of blessings from Tim and Vinita

    • Thank you, Vinita. We look forward to your visit to Kingsland in May. Regards to Timothy and the family.

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