Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 3, 2013

Caring for Katy 2013

Our annual Caring for Katy day is one of my favorite days of the year at Kingsland because we don’t have to go to church! Instead, we close the doors to the building on Sunday morning and go out into the community to be the church — to be a living sermon among our neighbors. Today, for the sixth year in a row, we sent all of our members to serve the community.

One lady showed up this morning expecting to attend our first service of the day. Our greeters told her that we were not meeting for worship today but instead were serving in our community. She said, “This is exactly the kind of church I am looking for.” So, she put on one of our Caring for Katy t-shirts over her Sunday clothes and joined one of our teams.

Kids at Williamsburg House
Clad in our distinctive neon lime green Caring for Katy t-shirts, our folks are easy to spot throughout the community. Today, Kingsland members participated in more than fifty local service initiatives throughout the community. For many of the people we served, our presence was like a soothing balm as we offered timely and much-needed help. For others, especially the lonely, our presence brought much joy. To each of our members who served, today was a reminder of what it means to love God and love people.

Kids at YMCA Day Camp
One of my very favorite things about Caring for Katy is watching kids serve alongside their parents. Some of the kids who served today had not even been born when we had our first Caring for Katy day six years ago. And today, these kids took part in serving the people of our community. That is beyond exciting to me! We are helping to equip a generation to love God and to live out their faith by serving others.

Sorting Clothes
Garden at KCM
Taking Aim
On the practical and behind-the-scenes side of things, it takes a lot of work to mobilize and provide supplies for our almost two-thousand volunteers to serve the community. I am grateful to Jon Davis, our Missions Associate, for once again serving as our point man for Caring for Katy. Jon coordinates hundreds of details to make Caring for Katy a success. He makes it all look really easy, but I know how hard he works to make sure everything goes according to plan.

So, thanks Jon, for helping us to care for our community in such a meaningful way. And thanks to each of you who donned your Caring for Katy t-shirts and who did so much to serve the people of our community. Thanks for bringing glory to God beyond our campus.


  1. Remember serving in the first one and subsequent ones with Marty and the kids until we moved to Doha. This post puts a big smile on my face!

    • Thanks, Carol. It’s so good to look back and remember all who have served and who have been served through our annual Caring for Katy day.

  2. Today is DEFINITELY one of my favorite days every year. Our family has served in C4K for 6 years alongside our Joshua House family. We have made many memories together and has brought our class even closer together. To serve side by side in ministry with our kids is priceless.
    Tonight during our nighttime prayers my 11 year old told me, “Mom those people were so nice today. I’m glad we helped them.”
    Thank you Jon, Omar, and Amy for all your hard work. And a special thank you to all the ABF Missions Coordinators!
    What a great day! We are all going to bed tired, sore, but with full hearts.

    • Thanks, Brenda. It has been great to see your family serve together over the years at Caring for Katy. Loved how Joshua House blessed a family in need today. You guys hit it out of the park!

  3. This was the first year my 3 year old daughter participated (we were at the KCM food pantry). She was excited to help and made this momma proud! She helped count diapers and load canned goods into bags that will go directly to people who need them, all with a happy heart. I look forward to serving with her at future Caring for Katy events, but even more so would like to find something we can do together to minister to others throughout the year. God has given her a servants heart that I want to help cultivate!

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Nancy. I love to hear how our kids are learning to serve others at such a tender age. It will be great to watch her continue Jesus’ name.

  4. Well, Sunday was the day I donned a bright neon green t-shirt and joined my daughter and her family (now three little boys) to Care 4 Katy by visiting the old people’s home way out West. I have just returned from the City of Hope, Honduras and was thrilled to get the opportunity to serve in this community at last. We had a GREAT time and I can’t help feeling that the looks of pure joy from those we visited were mostly the result of so many young voices and the unbridled antics that accompanied them. Children are truly a gift from the Lord … a gift I am more grateful for as I get older myself.
    A big thanks to you Omar, Jon and the team at Kingsland for giving us all such fun to share.

    • Jackie, I am so glad that you had an opportunity to join us for Caring for Katy this year. Thanks for serving with us while home from caring for kids in Honduras.

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