Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 19, 2012

My Blogging Adventure

To say that I enjoy blogging would be an understatement. Little did I realize when I started my blogging adventure in September 2008 how it would challenge me to become even more intentional in how I see and perceive the world around me. As someone who had journaled for years, blogging became a more convenient form of journaling for me — a way of inviting a broader audience to read over my shoulder. Knowing that others read and can hold me accountable for what I write is sobering and forces me to write with conviction, clarity, and accuracy. These are good disciplines for anyone who seeks to communicate effectively with others.

Over the past few years I have posted blogs from almost thirty countries. That in itself has presented more than a few challenges. I have wandered down lots of unfamiliar streets after composing my field reports late at night, looking for an internet cafe or some place that might have internet access. I can’t begin to express the frustration at spending more than an hour trying to upload a blog and photo at a dial-up cafe only to have the connection time out at the final minute. But, that is just part of the glamorous adventure of posting blogs from around the world. This process has at least made me a little more patient.

Like most bloggers, I keep a watchful eye on my dashboard stats because they give me insight into who is reading what I write and what attracted them to my blog. My dashboard also provides me with country stats that show me how many places a single blog post can travel to in cyberspace. I remember how excited I was when my blog stats crawled past the 100 mark and the ecstasy of finally pushing past the 1000-guests-to-my-blog mark. And now, as we approach Thanksgiving four years later, I find myself thankful for the more than 225,000 guests who have either intentionally visited my blog or simply stumbled upon it as they wander the endless avenues of cyberspace.

This Thanksgiving season, I am thankful for every reader who has visited my little booth in the marketplace of ideas — regardless of whether or not they have bought what I am selling. I appreciate those who stroll by, those who linger for a bit and offer their feedback, and those who stop by on a regular basis. Each of you help to make my blogging adventure all the more enjoyable. I wish each of you a happy and meaningful Thanksgiving. And, thanks again for stopping by and visiting.


  1. I am in your same boat about being excited about who views my blog. I want to touch the world with my writing! You are an inspiration!

    • Thanks for your kind words. I wish you the very best as you write.

  2. Omar
    Keep up the great blog
    We love every edition! Don

    • Thanks, Don. And thanks also for being a part of the adventure by taking such good care of me and my teams on our travels to India.

  3. You’re an amzazing blogger. Thank you for all you do. Pearl Hodges

    • Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words.

  4. I am thankful for you, who really makes us think about going outside the box in our daily lives as we walk this Christian walk. Thank you for your words that touch hearts and make us want more out of our relationship with Christ. :o)

    • Thanks, Sterling. I appreciate your faithful readership and always encouraging comments.

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