Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | September 7, 2012

Go Beyond Just for Kids

I have had an interest in the nations since I was a kid growing up in the small town of Mission in South Texas. My interest in the nations is not something that happened by accident, but rather was the result of growing up in a family that loved the nations. It was not just one thing but instead a combination of things that fueled my interest in the peoples of the world. My Dad’s photographs and stories about his travels piqued my interest early on. Gifts sent from afar by traveling family members also fueled my curiosity about those who lived beyond my hometown. Books and magazines like National Geographic that were available in our home also played a role in teaching me about the nations. My membership in Commander Whitehall’s Explorers Club (for grade school kids) also contributed to my interest in the larger world. Every month I received a package from the Explorers Club — each one containing a map, a souvenir, a vinyl record, and information about the featured country. Looking back on it all, it’s easy to connect the dots. Learning about the peoples of the world helped me to fall in love with the nations.

One of the more fulfilling seasons of my ministry was during the years I taught Royal Ambassadors, a program designed to teach kids about missions. I had lots of fun finding creative ways to engage kids with the nations. As a missions pastor, it has long been a desire of mine to do a publication just for kids — something specifically designed to package content about the nations in a kid-friendly way. That dream is now a reality. This Sunday, we will premier the first quarterly issue of Go Beyond Just for Kids. Our first issue is all about water and is full of information that will teach our kids about what kids in other parts of the world have to do in order to access water. In each of the following issues we will explore different aspects of life for kids around the world.

I am especially grateful to Andrea Bierschwale, Kristin Brown, Jason Brod, and Heidi Doe for their editorial and graphic design work. We will distribute copies of Go Beyond Just for Kids this Sunday morning at Kingsland. Copies will also be available at different locations around our campus. I encourage you to review the contents with your kids or grandkids and answer any questions they may have. Have fun with it and be sure to give special attention to the “How Can I  Help?” section. My prayer is that this new publication will help our kids to learn about and to fall in love with the nations.


  1. Omar, what a wonderful idea. Teaching our kids about missions at an early age will keep them connected for a lifetime. This will be a great teaching tool! Thank you for your leadership in promoting missions and encouraging all of us to Go Beyond.

    • Thanks, Don. I am excited about offering this new resource to our families at Kingsland and pray that it will help our kids to develop a connection with the nations that will last a lifetime.

  2. Is there any way I could have this sent to Chloe and Morgan?
    Thanks, Irene Isenberger

    • Yes. Amy, my assistant, will make it happen. Sure do miss the girls.

      • Thanks. I know the girls will enjoy it.

  3. Omar of the World! I love love this:)

    • Thanks so much, Christy of the Nile! Very excited about putting this in the hands of our kids.

  4. This sounds so great! I’m so excited for you and how our family will be blessed by it. I just hope they don’t run out! 🙂

    • We should have enough for distribution this Sunday. We are also prepared to do a second printing.

  5. Praying for you guys. I wish I were with you.

    • Thanks, Shiloh. We also wish you were with us. I will post as often as I can about our experiences.

  6. FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of that for my boys! I’m always amazed during VBS how the kids love learning about other nations and are so happy to help where they can. They just need to know first! Good job! Enjoy Cambodia, looking forward to the updates. Take care of my peeps 🙂

    • This has been a fun project. Enjoy it with the boys. Will keep watch over the peeps in Cambodia.

  7. Omar,   I would like to subscribe to your Just for Kids Publication.   I still work with GA’s at Tallowood and I thing it would  be a great resource.   Clara McSpadden  


    • Clara, just send your mailing address to Amy, my assistant at Kingsland, and she will mail a copy to you.

  8. Hi, greetings from Spain! I’m excited about the Go Beyond Just for Kids! # years ago we did a VBS focusing on the worlds need for water and we highlighted Burkina Faso with the kids, and they learned about that country and the need for water. I would love to subscribe to your publication. Just let me know how & where to subscribe. Thanks! I am always so blessed by your blog.

    • Good to hear from you, Merry. Thanks for your kind words. In regard to the kids newsletter, I will send you instructions email via email.

  9. Great job on the magazine people! i enjoyed reading about the “Happy Children” of Los Tres Reyes Magos. the game “the gift of WATER” was a hit with me! thank you for your time and for your work and for doing what jesus would do. just sayin’….peace

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