Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | February 3, 2012

Bethany Home Dedication

The day after Christmas, a little more than one month ago, I had the privilege of escorting Marcus Patterson and his children to India for the dedication of Bethany Home, the new boys home we constructed in memory of Diane Patterson (1950-2006). We currently have 98 boys from among the poorest Christian families in the state of Orissa under our care. Many of our boys are from families that have suffered great loss as a result of the persecution against Christians in Orissa in recent years. Our new campus includes a dormitory, a computer center, and a kitchen and separate dining facility. Our Bethany Home campus will help us to continue providing our boys with a safe place to live while we help them to receive a good education. In the future we hope to double the size of the dormitory and begin caring for young girls as well. I am grateful to Sean Cunningham, who serves on Kingsland’s Media Ministry staff, for documenting this special occasion on video.


  1. Praise God!!

  2. It is great to see the video of the Home that was created in memory of Diane. How wounderful to see how the boys who know of so liitle have a home to live. No longer left to fend for themselves. Praise the Lord for the Patersons and all at Kingsland church.

    Actually my first exposure to India was in Nellore, Andra Pradesh & Chennai at children’s homes. They sure are full of life and respond to Christian Love.

    God Bless

    Paul & Sarah Beniston

  3. Omar,
    I extend my love to the family that made this home possible. May the young men and boys have many happy memories, and childhood free of trauma and tragedy.


  4. Omar,

    I appreciate efforts of you and all others made in connection with the setting of this home. Being involved in a like project for elderly here in Pakistan, I can realize the work required for this. Hope the boys shall get good care there in homely manner. Best wishes for your next effort for girls’ home. I believe, the soul of Diane shall be more in peace.

    Thanks to Tammy Swofford for introducing me to this project through the blog of Omar Gracia.

    Raziq Hussain

    • Thank you for your kind words, Raziq. I’m happy that Tammy directed you to my blog. Tammy is a good friend, a deep thinker, a keen observer, and one of my favorite writers and bloggers. I have much respect for her. Blessings to you as you care for the elderly in Pakistan.

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