Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Kui Woman | Khondhamal Hills | 2010 | Orissa, India


  1. i got my shots. ready. excited. thank you.

    Dacques Nini via Tower of Hope Ministries/Torre de Esperanza Ministerios

    this is a great article. it caught my attention as i prepare to depart to India. i am not going on a vacation. i am going on a mission. but my mission isn’t to change others…it is more to show the change that has occurred in me by the love of Jesus. i am going to love the unlovable, to be amongst the forgotten, to let my light of hope shine from my eyes and my smile and my strength. i am going to work, to listen, to live side by side with the hopeless. i am going to be a healing touch, a warm embrace, an Ambassador of Christ. Culture is just as important in Houston as it is in New Orleans; as it will be in India. i have little to share and much to learn…but i am bringing a warm heart and the love that Jesus put there.

    Do Missions Destroy Culture?
    RELEVANT looks at the topic of missions, specifically examining how missions has helped or hindered indigenous cultures both in history and in the modern era.

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