Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 3, 2011

Memories of Serving

Our missions ministry mobilizes between 3,000 and 3,500 volunteers annually to serve in local service initiatives. In addition to serving people in need and working alongside our ministry partners from Katy to Houston’s inner-city wards, our local initiatives give Kingsland families multiple opportunities to serve together. One of my favorite things about our weekend initiatives is watching moms and dads and kids working shoulder to shoulder to meet needs. Our kids are not only learning to serve, they are also learning that you don’t have to be an adult to make a difference. And, a wonderful thing is happening. The more our parents and kids serve together, the better our kids are becoming at recognizing and meeting needs on their own. Parents often tell me how their own kids have identified needs in our community and then asked what they can do to help. Our kids are developing peripheral compassion by learning to intentionally look beyond themselves.

Today, Jon Davis, our Missions Ministry Associate, planned our final weekend initiative for this year at Willow River Farms, a home for special-needs adults. More than fifty folks from three of our Adult Bible Fellowships participated in painting what seemed like a mile of wooden fence, pressure washing sidewalks, painting porches, and more. As usual, we had lots of kids working alongside their parents. As I watched all of the activity today, I could not help but be thankful for all of the memories of serving that were made today. And, I couldn’t help but imagine what kind of parents these kids will become one day because their own parents modeled for them what it means to serve others. In my estimation, it’s worth the time and effort for families to invest a few weekends a year serving others with their kids. That is an investment that will yield huge dividends in the years to come as children grow up to do the kind of good works that open doors for the gospel to be shared and that cause others to give glory to God (Matt. 5:16). I hope that you will take steps to make memories of serving with your kids in 2012 — the kind of memories that will motivate your kids to love God and serve others in His name for a lifetime.

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