Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 10, 2011

An Open Door

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Over the years I have taken upwards of fifty-thousand photos on my travels. I especially enjoy shooting close-up portraits of people I meet along the way. Several of these adorn the walls of my office and home so that I never forget those who live at the other end of the Great Commission — those still waiting to hear the good news of God’s love. And, for whatever reason, I also enjoy taking photographs of doors. I have quite a collection of photos of interesting doors I have seen around the globe. There is just something about a door that intrigues me. If I am on the outside I wonder about what is on the inside. And, if I am on the inside I wonder about the limitless opportunities and adventures waiting just beyond the threshold.

This afternoon, while walking through Ta Prohm, one of the ancient temples in the Angkor complex located near Siem Reap, I took a photograph of a door I had not seen on my previous visits. I lingered for a moment as I wondered about all of the people throughout the centuries who had walked into and out of Ta Prohm through that particular door. Today the door is buckling under the stress created by a massive silk cotton tree. These trees are slowly swallowing and reclaiming this ancient site. Nevertheless, this door remains open and functional. Perhaps one day soon it will surrender to the assault of the silk cotton trees and crumble like so many of the surrounding structures in the complex. Until then, it remains an open door — a silent invitation to go beyond the threshold to engage the world.

As Christ-followers, we live in the day of open doors. Never before have we had such access to the peoples of the world. That’s why we must not be passive but instead act intentionally by stepping across thresholds to engage those who live beyond open doors. And, that’s why we must pray that God will open even more doors to give us access to those who are kept in darkness by hostile cultures and governments that deny their people the freedom to hear the gospel and decide for themselves what they will do with the claims of Christ. The Apostle Paul once asked the church at Colossae to specifically pray that God would open a “door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ” (Col. 4:3). We must do the same. Seeing and photographing doors on my travels continues to remind me to pray for doors that are open to wider missionary and evangelistic horizons — doors that only God can open and that no man can shut (Rev. 3:8).


  1. As I pray for you, please pray for me. Off to South America. See you when we return. Blessings.

    • Will do, Dacques. Be safe and have a great time. Blessings.

  2. Great post and photo Omar! Good reminder for all of us and especially those of us who are in between the threshold of home and “the world”.

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