Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 5, 2011

While You Slept

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia en route to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hey Gina,

The past few days with you in Malaysia have been a dream come true for me as your Dad. I am so proud of you for having the faith and courage to travel half a world away from home to serve God’s purposes. And to think that you have already lived here for four months with the contents of a single piece of luggage convicts me that we all live with more stuff than we actually need. I enjoyed getting to know more about the place you now call home and the opportunity to meet your new friends. It makes me breathe a little easier knowing that you are surrounded by people who love you. But, what I enjoyed most was spending time with you. I savored every drop of our conversations and treasured every moment we spent together. I don’t think I can find the words to tell you how proud I am of you and how much I love you.

I appreciate you moving in to Abby’s room and letting me bunk in your room. I must confess that as comfortable as your bed is, I have not slept much the past two nights because I knew that the time for me to leave was drawing closer. I am not one easily moved to tears, but I have quietly wept in the darkness and silence of your room for the past two nights. Early this morning, I spent a long time in prayer for you while you slept. I knelt at your bedside and again entrusted you into the strong and capable hands of our Heavenly Father. I stood at the door to your room and asked God to bless your comings and goings. I knelt on your rug and asked God to guide your steps. I placed my hands on the map on your wall and asked Him to give you continued favor with your friends from the nations. I held your scarf in my hand and asked God to embrace and surround you with His protection. I even held your ball cap and asked God to fill you with wisdom. I looked up at your ceiling fan and asked God to continually refresh you with His kindness. And then I held your pillow and asked God to give you peaceful sleep and sweet dreams when you go to bed at night.

As your Dad, I have always been concerned about your safety and welfare. Now that we are separated by so many time zones, I live with the daily realization of how many things are out of my control. That’s why praying for you is so important to me. I am comforted by the fact that you are not just precious to me and Mom, you are precious to our Heavenly Father. I have entrusted you into His care, knowing that He is always where I cannot be and doing things I cannot do in order to keep you safe. I love you forever and never stop thinking about you. I will board my flight to Cambodia in a few minutes with the confidence that you are in God’s care.

All my love,


  1. Thank you so much daddy. Your constant prayer and support is so important and encouraging to me. I loved every moment we got to spend together! I appreciate everything you have done for me to get me to this point that I am able to trust God so fully. Thanks you for taking me out on projects to the inner city and around the world. Thank you for showing me God’s love through your kindness. Thank you for always encouraging me to follow God’s will and not my own, and accepting His will even when it meant I would be overseas for a year. Thank you for being a father who not only loves me but loves the nations and showed me how to love them as well. I love you so much and I am so happy that we got to spend some time together. 🙂 (It’s your turn now mom!!!)

    • Hey Bean,

      I arrived in Phnom Penh an hour ago. I must confess that I was a bit weepy on the flight as I thought about our wonderful time together. I already miss you. Have a great week. I will be thinking of you and praying for you daily. Please give my regards to the students.

      Love you forever,

  2. Omar, Gina Garcia,

    I’m keeping read the posts. It’s great to hearing such a travels, for Gina. I wish that, these experiences will help her to move forward, in future!


    • Thanks, Mortuza. Gina told me that she met our friend Mannan in Malaysia. It’s a small world!

      • Yes, he go (Mannan) to Malaysia time to time.

  3. Omar,
    I wanted to know how to pray for you but instead I found a love letter from my Father in your letter to Gina. God bless you and your precious daughter in this relationship that mirrors my heavenly Father’s love for me. What a blessing to hear my Father saying, ” I savor every drop of conversation and treasure every moment we spend together.” Thank you, Omar, and thank you, Daddy God! May the love of your Abba Father fill you both.

    • Thank you, Connie. I appreciate your kind words and prayers.

  4. Omar, as a father of two little ones (5 yrs and 3 yrs), I pray similar prayers every night for my kids … and they’re in the same house. I can only imagine the earnestness in which you prayed these words with you having to leave your ‘little’ one a world away. Thank God that he hears us and that we can turn to him to do what we cannot.

    Thank you for the Godly example of a father-daughter relationship. And when I’m praying a prayer of protection over my little ones tonight, I will be sure to include Gina as well.

    • Thank you, Wayne. I’m grateful to God for the way in which He bonds us to our kids. Blessings to you as you parent and lead your precious kids.

  5. OK so now my tears are flowing–praying for you and Gina–thank you for allowing so many to journey this with y’all!!

    • Thank you, Kristin. It was hard to say good-bye to Gina at the airport, an experience only made easier because of the knowledge that she remains in God’s very capable hands.

  6. Omar…sitting here crying and praying for you , Cheryl, and Gina. It must have been very difficult to leave your daughter behind; but, seeing your prayers and love for her touch my heart and remind me of how loving our Lord is. I loved reading this and will keep your daughter’s safety and work for the Lord in my prayers. I will also keep both you and Cheryl in my prayers. Fight the good fight; you are a wonderful man of God that my husband and I admire very much; a good example of living out God’s word and calling. Thank you for your obedience, diligence, and heart for God. It is an honor knowing you. All glory to our King! I have prayed Proverbs 2:7-8 over your daughter.

    • Thanks for your very kind words and especially for your prayers for Gina. It means a lot to Cheryl and me to know that others are praying for our daughter.

  7. That was a pretty awesome letter to get from your Dad.

  8. I read your prayer for your daughter in her room and I am filled with joy. I am thankful for your transparency. You are an amazing father because of our Father in heaven that is radiating out of you. Powerful!

    • Thanks, Michelle. Have enjoyed the time with Kevin on this trip. He has worked really hard addressing the electrical needs at the orphanage in Poipet. And, it has been fun watching him enjoy the kids. Thanks for letting us borrow him from you and the family for this trip.

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