Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | June 3, 2011

Global Glimpses

Wayne with hospital volunteers. | Haiti | 2010

Who | Wayne Fairley

Where I’ve Traveled With Kingsland | I’ve traveled with Kingsland missions teams to Kurdistan and to Haiti.

What I Did | In Kurdistan, we helped Heather Mercer develop her community outreach program by teaching a course on servant leadership for government administrators around Irbil, Iraq. The pervasive cultural understanding was “power is leadership” so we contrasted with examples of how others have led by serving.

We went to Haiti a few days after the earthquake. I was blessed to work alongside our medical team in a community hospital in Port Au Prince. My job was to carry things and to encourage the injured and their families. We moved people around the hospital on stretchers to enable the triage and surgery and recovery processes.

How God Touched My Heart | I saw the vast potential in Kurdistan where the craving for freedom and all things Western among the young people created open doors and open hearts to expand their understanding of Jesus. I saw Heather’s work there was a very unique opportunity to influence that region.

What Has Happened Since | After the first visit to the Freedom Center construction site, I got involved in planning its future operation. That has evolved into continuous work in the development of Heather’s ministry. As a board member of Global Hope, my responsibilities include financial oversight and involvement in myriad topics toward realizing Heather’s vision and mission in the Muslim world.

In Haiti, my new friend Herve Celestin now has two prosthetic legs. We’ve raised some resources for Herve and will invest in Herve’s education and future.

Why I Will Continue to Go Beyond | A newly discovered word from Pastor Alex is orthopraxy, the practice of my faith. A key orthopraxy for me is to continue capturing opportunities to serve others near home and far beyond.

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