Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 22, 2011

Global Glimpses

Tonya and her adopted daughter, Kira.

Who | Tonya LaTorre

Where I’ve Traveled with Kingsland | In October 2009 I was a member of the team that traveled to Kampala, Uganda.

What I Did | Our team partnered with the Comforter’s Center, our pregnancy help center, and taught pastors in the villages the truth about abortion. Women in Uganda are known to get multiple abortions, usually as a means of birth control. We taught about human development in the womb and showed photos of a developing baby. We had the honor of seeing them realize that it was human life growing in the womb. We shared what the Bible says about the sanctity of life. And we encouraged them to teach others the rhythm method of birth control and stop using abortion as an answer to an unplanned pregnancy.

How God Touched My Heart | I have visited 23 countries in this world, and I have not found anywhere a people like those I met in Uganda. I fell in love with the people of Uganda. It was the sort of attachment that I knew would be a permanent fixture in my heart. I was inspired by their welcoming and friendly ways, their eagerness to learn with an intensity I had never seen before, and their bond with one another that creates community. On our final afternoon we visited an orphanage for the pleasure of playing with babies. While I held a child in my lap, God whispered into my heart, “Come back for one of my precious ones.” I heard His voice loud and clear.

What Has Happened Since | Within a week of returning home from that mission trip my husband and I began the paperwork for adoption from Uganda. Thirteen months later our family was on a plane to Uganda to meet our nine month old baby girl, Kira. We lived in Uganda for six weeks during the adoption process. Our constant prayer was that God would show us how we could serve Him while there. He was faithful to our request and we were able to do an enormous amount of mission work in six weeks.

Where I Am Headed Next | On Christmas Eve we were invited to a poor orphanage for their Christmas celebration. When I saw that the kids slept on the ground, ate once a day and sometimes not at all, and that none of them were in school, I again heard God whisper, “This is what I want you to do for me.” It was a leap of faith, but our family adopted this orphanage in Kyengera, Uganda. When we offered to pay their food bills, the children cheered “Bye-bye going to bed hungry!” We bought them two cows to have milk, and two hundred chickens to have eggs, and new mattresses. We have done fund-raising and in two months raised all the funds to enroll 47 children in school. Praise God!

Our family has started a non-profit called Kirabo Seeds so that we can prepare to buy land to build a new orphanage with a water well, electricity, and a real community. This June we will lead a mission team of doctors and nurses to Uganda to immunize the children and teach them about health. We will also be shopping for land to purchase so that next year we can lead a team to begin construction of the new orphanage.


  1. How wonderful that folk at Kingsland are involved in the lifes of Ugandans.

    We at our church at Brentwood Baptist England have had a long term invlovment with Uganda. We have been mightly impressed by the Grace of Ugandans who have come to UK and the love of Lord way surpasses ours.

    Two of our members worked in Aura in north Uganda as teachers. While another has to date worked as Personal Sec. to Head of AIM Central Africa in Kampala. She returns in July to work amongst ladies in Aura. She always talks about the kindness and care she has received.

    We pray for the extension of the work in the orphange and pray for the June visit of doctors etc.

  2. Do you have any pictures for us… ? We await patiently because we know you are busy with new baby, orphanage, moving. Not a hurry, just a request when you get a minute. We anticipate seeing who God has picked for us? The children want to write letters and we want to send more “stuff.” Thanks when you get time…like don’t even think about it until after you move and are unpacked!!! Love what the Lord has led you to do and that you are obedient to His call. I STILL have that giraffe for Kira…I will bring it the next time I see Whit and she can give it to her for me. The bag is wrinkled up and not in such good shape; but, the love for which it was purchased and given remains as good as new!! Ephesians 1:19, Hebrews 11:6.

    Kelly P.

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