Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 4, 2011

Global Glimpses

Who | Tara Hall

First Trip with Kingsland | My first trip with Kingsland was to Uganda. While there, we met with pastors of village churches to teach about the sanctity of human life. I chose this particular trip because I know the unborn need a voice and I felt God calling me to speak for them. I knew that God was calling me out of my comfort zone — and just about everything on this trip pushed those boundaries.

The Purpose of Our Trip | The purpose of our trip was to teach pastors of local churches about the sanctity of human life. Specifically, I taught about the scientific aspects of life from conception to birth and what God’s Word says about life.

My Favorite Memory | My favorite memory took place at the first village that we visited. The group of pastors were so eager to hear the Word of God that they sat on the edges of their seats, pressed in closely to hear us over the rain that was falling outside, with Bibles open, taking notes and soaking in every word. It made me wonder how often I listen to or read God’s Word with that much anticipation. This experience challenged me in a new way.

My Most Recent Trip with Kingsland | Last month, I went to El Salvador and helped drill a water well for the people of San Lucas. Not only did I get to help with some of the aspects of providing clean water and teach about hygiene, but I also had the privilege of spending time speaking with the women and children about the Living Water that comes through Jesus. Once again, God showed me that He can use me with all my faults, failures, and imperfections to accomplish His will. He doesn’t require perfection or need me to have everything together; He just wants me to be willing to step out and follow Him in obedience.


  1. One of today’s most compelling challenges is the fight for the unborn. May all of us continue never to give up on this civil war. Jesus spoke for all the weak and pre-born along with the sick. Glory be to God almighty!

  2. Yes and Amen!

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