Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | April 19, 2010

Change for Good

   We launched our Just Change for a Just Cause initiative in February of this year. Hundreds of Kingsland members made a commitment to collect their pocket change in one of our Just Change banks. Each cent collected in these banks is used to meet the needs of the girls who live in the aftercare home we support in South Asia. Each of these sex-trafficking victims was rescued by champions of justice and placed in the aftercare home by the courts. Our financial support is used to provide meals, clothing, medical care, counseling, and vocational training for the girls. I recently posted a story about Jyoti, one girl who resides in the aftercare home. I can’t imagine where she would be today without the love and support she has received from the staff at the home.

   The people of Kingsland have embraced the challenge to go beyond in their giving in order to support our justice initiative in South Asia. Every week, folks bring their banks filled with change to the church and exchange them for empty banks. We have calculated that a bank filled with an assortment of change can hold about fifty dollars — enough to support two of the girls in our aftercare home for an entire month. Our pocket change is making a huge difference in the lives of young girls who have no one else to provide for their support in a safe place that keeps them out of harm’s way. Many of our members have told me that they are motivated to give because they would want for others to do the same if it was their daughters caught in the web of injustice. That’s a good motivation. Justice is, essentially, doing for others what we would want done for us.  Hebrews 13:3 exhorts us to “remember … those who are being tortured, as though you yourselves were being tortured.”

Daniel & Daughters

Daniel & Daughters

   In addition to the change collected in the banks, one member had a garage sale and donated all of the proceeds to our justice initiative. This sweet lady brought in several hundred dollars earned from the sale of stuff she no longer needed. Instead of using this money to purchase more stuff, she chose to give it toward the support of young girls who have had everything taken away from them, including their innocence and dignity. Other families have committed to going out less and giving what they would have spent on a meal or a movie to our justice ministry. My friend Daniel Salce, who has been putting his pocket change into a large five-gallon water jug for some time, approached me yesterday. He said that he wanted for his change to make a difference. So, he stopped by my office with his daughters and brought his jug of change in for us to count.

   It’s easy to convince ourselves that our pocket change won’t make much of an impact. But, when each of us contributes what we have and add it to what others are giving then the impact of every penny is multiplied. So, thank you to each of you who are placing your pocket change in our Just Change banks. Your thoughtfulness and kindness is making a difference in the lives of precious young girls in South Asia. Your change is helping to change lives for good.

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  1. Omar,
    I hope that in ten years the update on this story will be how little girls who were prostitutes are now women with college degrees and meaningful careers.

    Intelligent women are a powerful motivational force in culture. I will never forget our tour guide in Ghana, Africa who told us that if you “teach a woman to read, you teach a village to read”.

    Tammy Swofford

  2. Tammy…

    That indeed is our hope. The young ladies in the aftercare home deserve the opportunity to live without fear and to receive a good education. I love what your African guide told you in Ghana. Women are the key to reaching a village.


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