Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 27, 2010

God’s Agents of Hope

Uganda en route to Houston

Hope for a Nation | My friend Steve Hyde is a big man with an audacious vision. He wants to reach the nation of Cambodia for Christ in his generation. And, he just might be the guy God uses to do it. Steve is the founding director of Asia for Jesus, a multi-faceted ministry based in Cambodia. Steve and his staff train thousands of national pastors, translate and publish Christian materials in the Khmei language, produce Christian radio broadcasts that span the nation, and operate homes for orphans and at-risk kids, And if that were not enough, Steve has a team that is working to translate the Bible into all of Cambodia’s tribal languages.

I met Steve last year when I joined Kurt Dillinger, President of Life International, in Cambodia to teach on the sanctity of human life. Steve, Kurt, and Kingsland will team up this year to take the first steps to start a pregnancy help center in Poipet, Cambodia — the Devil’s front porch! Steve joined us in Uganda to learn about The Comforter’s Center, the pregnancy help center we underwrite in Kampala. Steve met with the staff, volunteers, and board of directors to get an idea of how a pregnancy help center functions. We had very fruitful and encouraging meetings.

Hope for a Generation | Steve’s ministry cares for a few hundred Cambodian orphans. So, I arranged for Steve to visit Watoto (the Swahili word for “children”) – one of the most impressive ministries to orphans I have ever seen. Watoto cares for eighteen-hundred orphans in Uganda. My friend Wayne Thomas, who works for Watoto, introduced me to this ministry last year. Watoto takes my breath away. Their homes and staff give new meaning to excellence. The folks at Watoto are giving hope to a generation of children that would otherwise be dead or without hope in the world.

Hope for the Oppressed | Steve and the staff of Asia for Jesus also fight for the oppressed in Cambodia. Steve recently opened two homes for orphans at risk of being trafficked to brothels in Thailand. After visiting Watoto, we met my with my friend Annette, the director of Rahab House – a ministry that cares for young girls rescued from the forced commercial sex trade. Rahab House is one of many ministries working to give hope to the oppressed. More than 27 million people on the planet are in some type of slavery. People like Steve and Annette are each addressing issues of injustice in their corners of the world. God is using them to rescue and to restore hope to those who have suffered gross injustices. I’m glad that Kingsland is also involved in seeking justice for the oppressed. To learn more about Kingsland’s justice initiatives, please visit

Hope for the Poor | After our meeting at Rahab House, we traveled across Kampala to visit Miracle Destiny School located in one of Kampala’s poorest districts. My friend Robert, pastor of Miracle Center Kawempe (my home church in Kampala), and his wife Rose, acted on a vision to provide quality education for poor kids. I was impressed by what I saw and the teachers I met. They care deeply about the children and families in the neighborhood. We visited a single mom who has two kids in the school. She is HIV-positive, lives with her two kids in a home that is roughly 100 square-feet, and earns about $2.00 per day. Pastor Robert and Rose and Miracle Center Church have given this young mother, and many more like her, hope for the future.

Hope for the Villages | Our final stop of the day was at Warriors of Christ Church. I met Joseph, the pastor of the church, on my first visit to Uganda several years ago. Last year we conducted a training seminar on the sanctity of human life at this little church with only half a roof. The place was packed. Kingsland provided funds for the church to purchase materials to complete their roof. Pastor Joseph asked me to stop by because the church family wanted to express their gratitude to Kingsland. We enjoyed a sweet time of worship. Small rural churches like this represent hope for the villages of Uganda. In recent days the media has reported on child sacrifices in Uganda. We need folks like Pastor Joseph and his church family to stand for life in tough places. I’m grateful for these warriors who are fighting a good fight with the weapons of love, grace, and truth.

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