Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 25, 2010

Grateful Young Moms

   The Comforter’s Center | Kampala, Uganda

   I am glad to be back in Uganda. Jon Davis, our Missions Associate, and I arrived here on Wednesday afternoon. We are here to introduce Steve Hyde, Director of Asia for Jesus, to the work of The Comforter’s Center, the pregnancy help center we helped to start in cooperation with Life International. Later this year we will work with Life International and Steve to help start a new pregnancy help center in Poipet, Cambodia. Steve is already doing some remarkable things to rescue children at risk in Cambodia and wants to start a pregnancy help center there. One advantage of starting a work like this in Cambodia is the ease with which Cambodians can adopt children. In most cases, the paperwork is completed in an hour and costs only a few dollars. And, Cambodians are very willing to adopt unwanted babies and children. Adoptions by foreigners are not allowed at this time.

   This morning we spent the day talking with each of the ladies who serve on the staff of The Comforter’s Center. They gave Steve a detailed understanding of the process of working with the young girls and women who come to the center for help. But, the best thing that happened this morning was unplanned. Five young women who chose to give life to their babies stopped by the center for prayer. These young girls from different parts of the city met each other at The Comforter’s Center and formed friendships. They meet for prayer every Thursday. When they learned that we were here, they asked to speak with us. One of the mothers spoke for the group and said they all wanted to thank the people of Kingsland for supporting the work of The Comforter’s Center. “Without your support,” the young mother continued, “our children would not be here. We would have continued on the wrong path to abort our babies. So, please thank the people of Kingsland for caring about us.” Enough said. That makes it all worthwhile.

   I thanked each of the moms for choosing life and promised that we would remember them and their children in prayer. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to meet these mothers and children today. Every week I read reports and statistics sent from around the world by our ministry partners. But, today we met the human beings behind some of those statistics — babies who are here because of a decision we made to promote the sanctity of human life from our own community to places like Kampala, Uganda.

   Please remember these mothers and children in prayer. The names of the children in the photo below (from left to right) are: Shanita (4 months), Prince (1 week), Kilabo (13 months), Veronica (1 year), and Joshua (14 months). I asked Kilabo’s mother to tell me the meaning of her daughter’s name. She smiled and replied, “Gift.” That says it all.


  1. Thanks for the letting us know these great service of the civilization in Uganda. thanks for these young moms those who decided to come into the ‘comfort center’ for the having children. each of them are wonderful creations of Him!!

    Please tell hello to Steve H.


    from: Bangladesh.

  2. Omar,

    What beautiful children! I fell in love with the children in Ghana, W. Africa. A lovely shell with my name on it has an honored place in my dining room. It was a gift from a poor child. My gift to him, was a dollar bill. At the time I was there, the average wage was sixty-seven cents per day. Very poor people.

    Continue to do good! smile


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