Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | March 1, 2010

Building for the Future

   On the afternoon of November 6, 2009, my friend Doyle Lowry and I were privileged to take part in the groundbreaking ceremony for Kingsland’s Diane Patterson Boarding School for Boys in Orissa, India. Several of our boys and local Christian leaders assembled under gray skies with clouds pregnant with rain. I talked to the boys about Diane Patterson for whom the school is named. Diane had served as a missionary in India for two years and lost her life in a tragic auto accident in Houston. This school is dedicated to Diane’s memory and to fulfilling Kingsland’s purpose of loving God, loving people, and equipping the generations.

   In January of this year, we started construction of our campus. I am encouraged by the progress. The first building on our master plan is the kitchen building. Until we open our campus, we will use this building to store our building supplies. Once our boys move to the site, our cooks will prepare all of the meals in this new kitchen building. It’s a vast improvement over the tiny hut where meals are currently prepared.

   Located near the kitchen is our new water-well. The water-well diggers have been working daily to dig this fifteen-foot diameter well. This is hard work. The diggers are working with hand tools and using baskets to haul away the dirt. Once it is completed,  the walls of the well will be lined with rocks. This water-well will keep our campus supplied with fresh drinking water as well as water for bathing and for the irrigation of our garden.

   Last week our contractor started work to prepare the site for the dormitory that will house our boys. This five-thousand-plus square-foot building will house our one-hundred boys. For the first time in their lives, each of our boys will have a bed and a place to store his possessions. Once we complete the building we will add computer stations loaded with educational software and provide a small library of books for the boys.

   Thank you, Kingsland, for your prayers and financial gifts to our boys’ school. Your gifts will ensure that our boys receive a good education and are equipped to understand what they believe and why. We are committed to helping these boys become godly men, strong leaders, and faithful fathers. The Diane Patterson School is just one more way that we are working to fulfill our purpose of loving God, loving people, and equipping the generations. We are building for the future.


  1. Praying for all of you!

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