Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 5, 2009

A Valueless Christmas

   I met Mortuza in Bangladesh almost ten years ago. He is a faithful Christ-follower who lives in one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. He is familiar with persecution aimed at silencing Christians in Bangladesh. He has seen the devastation caused by natural disasters and is often among the first responders, offering practical aid to those in need. Mortuza and I have shared some great adventures in Bangladesh — visiting remote villages throughout the country and islands in the Bay of Bengal. I am grateful for his friendship and for his selfless service to God’s kingdom.

   Mortuza is a regular reader of my blog. A couple of days ago I posted a blog entitled Worth Remembering in which I offered suggestions for making this Christmas one worth remembering. Mortuza posted a comment that is both insightful and convicting. Here is what he wrote:

When I beginning to reading your post this morning, first paragraph reminding me that a story. A parent had a child, and parents arranged great things to having festivals for their only child’s birth day. So many guests and pretty decorated was everything. But, only child went up to the roof. As child was so small and child fall down from the roof and died! Parents and guests were very busy with the festivals. All the activities became valueless. They did not look after their child. Many of us today, we are busy for our selves, to decorating our mental satisfactions. We do not looking after “where Jesus is?” we should look after Him! first.

   Mortuza’s story illustrates how easy it is for us to become so distracted by the trappings and noise of the season that we lose sight of Jesus. Gift lists generally include everyone but Jesus. People will amass lots of debt by accumulating more stuff but will do little or nothing to lay up treasure in heaven. Jesus may get a passing mention on Christmas day but will be quickly overshadowed by the latest gadgets and widgets. Mortuza is right. We are not looking after where Jesus is at Christmas. We should, as he suggests, look after Him first. After all, He is the real treasure of Christmas and the reason for the season. Paul referred to Him as God’s indescribable gift (2 Cor. 9:15). Anything else we give or receive this Christmas will pale by comparison.

   Don’t settle for a valueless Christmas — full of activity but void of Jesus. This year, determine that you will not lose sight of Jesus. Include Him on your lists, in your thoughts, and in your words. Talk about Him and how wonderful He is and why He came. Look for Jesus in the distressing disguise of those in need and when you find Him do something to help. Don’t get yourself in debt or deeper in debt by buying more stuff and junk that you really don’t need. Remember that all of our activities will be valueless if we fail to include and exalt Jesus. Keep Christ in Christmas and make this your most memorable and valued Christmas yet.


  1. Omar,

    Thank you very much, for wrote an article, and illustrated my comment! Hopefully, we will watch over those people, those who never heard about Jesus. We will share Jesus, among those people who need Him! for this nation’s, need God!

    All of us, let’s make a valued Chrismas!!

    Thanks once again.

    Mortuza Biswas

  2. Mortuza…

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always appreciate your comments. Thank you for reminding us to make this a valued Christmas. And, thank you for faithfully sharing the story of Jesus in Bangladesh.


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