Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | December 1, 2009

Kingsland’s Boys of Iron

Kingsland is committed to loving God, loving people, and equipping the generations. One of the best ways Kingsland invests in kids is through our Boys of Iron ministry. Leslee McWhirter directs this ministry that equips boys to love God and love people. Here is a brief interview with Leslee about our Boys of Iron and their recent Christmas initiative.

Boys of Iron Service Project

Omar | Leslee, who are the Boys of Iron and when do they meet?
Leslee | Boys of Iron are 1st through 5th grade boys. We have about 80 boys that meet on Wednesday nights from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Omar | What do the Boys of Iron study and how do you help them connect with missions initiatives and missionaries?
Leslee | Our focus for Boys of Iron is to assist parents as they raise their boys into godly men. Our leaders are men and we have lessons on virtues that are specific to males, such as being a gentleman, controlling anger and taking responsibility for your actions. Godly men are mission minded, so we spend a large portion of time studying about missions at home and abroad. We pray for missionaries, work on mission projects and have mission speakers. We try to involve the boys in missions at home, at the state level and to the ends of the earth.
Omar | What have the boys done to engage with an international ministry this Christmas?
Leslee | Over the last several weeks our boys collected money for Heifer International. Heifer International brings plants or animals to needy people around the globe. The families are taught to care for the resources and are asked to share with more families as their gift grows. Not only is the family’s life improved, but they have the chance to help another family. Even more importantly, the recipients are taught about the love of Jesus. Visit the Heifer International website for more information.
Omar | How much money did the boys raise to send to Heifer International and how did they raise the money?
Leslee | Our boys brought in money in small and large amounts totaling $490.35. While it’s nice to see large dollar amounts come in, I love counting out nickels and pennies! Some of the boys told me about jobs they did around the house to earn the money.
Omar | That’s fantastic! Our Missions Ministry is excited to match the money raised by the boys.
Leslee | The boys will be so excited to be able to buy even more animals! We were amazed to learn the impact even a hive of honeybees can make on a community.
Omar | What will our boys do next this Christmas season?
Leslee | Tomorrow night we will help God’s Girls fill stockings for families in Katy through Katy Christian Ministry’s Santa’s Sleigh program.
Omar | How can parents of grade school boys get their children involved?
Leslee | Parents can call me at 281.492.0785 or register online at Kingsland’s website. Girls can register for God’s Girls that meets at the same time.


  1. Omar-

    I have been visited heifer website. I have sent a photo you. Isn’t an Indian woman? I appreciate that, your children are equipping for changing the world!!


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