Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | November 16, 2009

Isaiah’s Gift

   One of the best things about serving as Kingsland’s Missions Pastor is the encouragement I receive from children who are developing hearts for serving and blessing others. Over the past four-plus years, children have stopped by my office to give to missions initiatives from Katy to the ends of the earth. A couple of children have brought their birthday gifts by my office and asked that I give them to other children in need. One young lady donated her birthday money to help feed hungry kids in another country. Kingsland kids have also brought money they have earned by selling aluminum cans or saved from their allowances. What a blessing! Every penny counts and can make a difference. While I was out of the country earlier this month, Isaiah Hinze, one of Kingsland’s youngest members, dropped off some money for us to use to help others in need. Here is the story of Isaiah’s gift. I hope his story will inspire you to encourage your kids to give so that others in need can experience God’s love in practical ways.

Omar | Isaiah, I want to thank you for giving money to our missions ministry. We will send your gift to India to help feed the boys we care for. You could have used your money for other things. Why did you choose to give it to missions?

Isaiah | Because I wanted to, and I know it was very good to do. I hope it makes God happy.

Omar | How old are you, what grade are you in, and how long did it take you to save the money you gave?

Isaiah | I am 6 years-old. I am in Kindergarten. I think it took 3 months to save the money — with my birthday money.

Omar | You have set a very good example for other people to follow. It’s easy for us to spend everything we earn or receive on ourselves — to buy more stuff for ourselves. But, you thought of others. This is not the first time you have done this. Why is it important to you to help others?

Isaiah | ‘Cause God wants us to.

Omar | One of the most exciting things about sending money to help those in need in other countries is exchanging our American dollars for their money. Since we are sending your gift to India, we will change your American dollars into Indian Rupees. Now, here is the exciting part — the money you gave will be changed into 715 Indian Rupees. That will be enough money to feed two of our boys for almost one month. How does it make you feel to know that your gift will do so much good in India?

Isaiah | It feels alot good!

Omar | What would you like to tell other kids your age who feel that they are too young to make a difference in the lives of kids around the world?

Isaiah | You’re the perfect size.

Omar | You don’t have to be a grown-up to make a difference in the world, you just have to care and to be willing to do something to help. You have encouraged me by your thoughtfulness and kindness. I know that our boys in India will also be encouraged by your gift. Thank you so much for thinking of others and for doing something good to make a difference in their lives.

Isaiah | Thank you for helping me send the money.

Omar | Joy and Keith, what advice would you give to other parents to guide them in encouraging their kids to make a difference?

Joy and Keith | Having our family devotions together and by explaining to our children about how good we have it here. We thank God for our blessings — that we have a house, and a bed to sleep on, and how other little boys and girls live in grass huts, and sleep on the dirt. We try to emphasize not taking what we have for granted, and how God wants us to share our blessings with others.


  1. Thanks for the great post! Not only children, adults would be inspired too, through Isaiah’s efforts, attuned, and mental preparations, for others people needs!


  2. Such a big heart in a little man. I am proud of you. Love, Aunt JuJu

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