Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | January 1, 2020

I Resolve

Regardless of how you personally feel about New Year’s resolutions, most people will at least give some consideration to how they can make a fresh start at the beginning of a new year.

We tend to be more open to making resolutions (those decisions we make to do or not do something) at certain times on the calendar — like the start of a new year, a new month, a new week, or even a birthday. These temporal landmarks beckon us to refocus our thinking and to reflect a little more deeply about how we can and should reorient our conduct.

On this first day of the new year, each of us should set aside some quiet moments in which to reflect on the actualities of the past and the possibilities of the future. There is value in looking back to take inventory of our journey — and then looking ahead to consider how our future can look different from our past.

This first day of the year is important because it offers us the opportunity for a fresh start, a second chance, or a new beginning.

Fresh starts have a way of giving new meaning to life. Second chances can invigorate us with the resolve to become better and to do better than we ever have. New beginnings can infuse us with purpose, energy, and the determination to walk through doors that lead to new discoveries and adventures.

Keep in mind that resolving to begin anew is not enough. If we make a resolution to do or not do something, then we must intentionally make the choices that keep us on track.

At its core, life is about choices. If we make resolutions, then we should also consider what it will take to maintain them. And we should make sure that the choices we make this year draw us closer to God and the blessings that are found in Him.

Regardless of whether you make a single resolution, a list of resolutions, or no resolution, determine to, at the very least, make sure that these things are reflected in your life.

Honor God
Love others
Value family
Be kind
Give thanks
Be courageous
Take risks
Move in the direction of people in need
Think deeply
Live wisely
Stop making excuses
Do something hard
Encourage others
Stop wasting time
Make the most of every opportunity
Seize the day

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.


  1. I do so enjoy reading your Go Beyond articles. May I post this one on Facebook. Jean Bartlett (Brazil trips)

    • Thanks, Jean. And yes, please post. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for this godly counsel!

  3. I love this… thank you, Pastor Omar. ❤️
    (from Scott Joyce’s sister) 😃

  4. Amen Pastor Omar!!! Thank you
    Hermano thank you very much x being so special with my family. You are a real blessing to us. I pray God will multiply those blessings to you and your family!!!! Happy and bless 2020!!

    • Gracias, Carlos. Grateful for you and your family. Best wishes for a blessed New Year.

  5. Omar, I am always blessed by your writings~ I am coping and pasting some of this to our small groups!
    Blessings in the new year!

    • Thanks, Celia. Wishing you and Steve a Happy New Year. 🙂

  6. Omar, it was a nice surprise to find your blog this morning. Sharing your faith with me the summer of 1979 at SBC in Corpus Christi has been an inspiration for over 40 years. John S Adams

    • So good to hear from you, John, and to know you are well. So many years have passed but how good it is that the Lord has faithfully walked with us on our respective journeys. Blessings and best wishes for a great New Year.

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