Posted by: Omar C. Garcia | August 14, 2019

To My New Granddaughter

My Dearest Little Bethany,

Welcome to our family — your family. Your arrival yesterday afternoon was much anticipated. As much as I like and use words, there really are none to describe what I felt when I saw you for the first time. Tears of joy was the only language I could resort to. And that’s ok because you don’t need words to speak or understand the language of joy.

I want you to know that you have an amazing mom and dad who loved you from the moment you were conceived. And when they shared the news that you were growing inside your mom, the circle of those who love you grew even wider. We prayed for you daily and tracked your progress, longing for the day of your arrival.

You are so blessed to have a mom and dad who love each other deeply. I was present when your mom was born. Things got a little tense in labor and delivery and the doctor decided that your mom needed to get here quicker — so he performed an emergency C-section. Those same tears of joy filled my eyes the moment I saw your mom for the first time.

Your dad is one of the bravest men I know. He is a twin. You will meet your Uncle Christopher soon. He and Christopher were born under some stressful circumstances as well. In fact, they were both so small at birth that your birth weight was more than theirs combined. Since then, your dad has endured a lot of surgeries. He has faced every one with great courage.

When your mom and dad met, Gigi (that’s your grandmother) and I knew that they belonged together. We were thrilled when they fell in love and then got married. We knew that one day they would have children. On their first attempt they suffered a miscarriage. And although we never had the opportunity to meet that child, we believe that one day we will. We now have one more compelling reason why we long for heaven.

And then God gave us you. We actually got our first look at you while you were still in your mother’s womb. Those sonogram pics were the best. They gave us a peek into what God was doing. And, like your beautiful cousin Mila who was born six-months ago today, those sonogram pics affirmed that God had already crowned you with dignity and beauty. You not only bear resemblances to your mom and dad — you are made in God’s image.

Mila and Bethany on Day 1 | Six months apart

You have so many family members who can’t wait to meet you and to hold you and to kiss you. You will meet them all in due time, including Mila. I know that you and Mila will become good friends and share a lifetime together. In the meantime, Gigi and I look forward to every moment we will spend with you. You are and will always be loved.

By the way, it was fun helping your mom and dad prepare your nursery over the past few months. Your mom and dad placed a beautiful blessing from the Old Testament book of Numbers (6:24-26) on your wall. It pretty much sums up how we all feel about you — “May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; may He show you His favor and give you peace.”

I love you always, Bethany.

Your Pops


  1. Many congratulations to you all! Bethany is beautiful!

  2. Congratulations to all of you! Beautiful Bethany bears quite a resemblance to Cheryl. It’s been such a treat to have known your family over so many generations. I look forward to watching these two little cousins grow up, loving each other!

    • Thank you, Susan. So very cool to welcome the next generation. Will be fun to watch Mila and Bethany grow up together.

  3. God has blessed you all

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  4. She’s a beauty! Congratulations! God has blessed your family again.

  5. Tears of joy for you and Cheryl … There is nothing better than being a grandparent…. no words describe it.
    Rejoicing with you

    • Thank you, Marti. We are loving this adventure. So grateful to God.

  6. And God placed His hand of blessing upon your family once again! We are thrilled for all of you and she is absolutely beautiful! Oh the tea parties and baby dolls that will await you and Cheryl! The blessing of grandchildren is truly God’s gift of sweet love to fill our hearts as we journey the remaining days of our lives! We love you all~

    • Good words, Celia. Truly exciting days ahead. Love you all.

  7. Beautiful! Another blessing has joined your family. I enjoyed reading the story of Bethany’s beginning, including her family, with the emphases on God. This letter is a keeper for sure. I turned 3 years of my covenant heirs blog posts into a book and gave it to all our adult children a few years ago. Possibly you could do this for your family. Keep on passing the faith!

    • Thanks so much. Love the book idea. 🙂

  8. Wow! I have found this wonderful news of about your grand daughter. I got this news so lately. So many Congratulations. Please tell my Congratulations to your daughter & her husband too. Mortuza & family. Bangladesh.

    • Thanks, Mortuza. I will give your greetings to my family. 🙂

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